Day off.... and back

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hi friends! thanks for taking time to visit me here.

I might not be able to return your visits soon, 'cause I am exhausted. The early morning sleeping habit is taking a toll in my health. I need time off from my PC.

will be back to visit you soon

Have a nice day!

Thanks for leaving me comments and wishing me well. As of 23:43 PM (Manila, PH), October 18, 2008... I am back to blogging again.

It seems the stress and exhaustion I felt was due to pre-menstrual syndrome I have every month. Now, I am refreshed and energized again.

I will be posting my next article in the next few hours.

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Nyl said...

i have sleep disorder..ewan ko ano right term dito. eye-opener yata sa'kin 'tong post mo.hehe

iceah said...

tama ka dyan mare c: sometimes i have to tell pasti to have the time to rest wag lagi puyat he gets hi blood pag lagi sya puyat and i have to remind him that. c:

that's good have the time to take care of your body be good stewards of what the Lord had given you c:

enjoy your vacation dear hehehe c:

Gem said...

Hay ganyan ako today. I just want to get my butt out and let it smell the fresh mountain air. Grabe. Although I enjoy meeting others like you online, kelangan din ng downtime.

Have a nice day to you too!

pchi said...


yeah, it is a problem, you can't sleep when you need to! because nasanay na body mo ndi natutulog at that time


that's true, we really have to take care of our health, hindi dapat abusado


Yeah, I want to go to a mountain pero magastos, hehe... beach na lang marami dito sa Samal (malapit sa Davao City)

Bingkee said...

Hi Pchi, I closed that for comments because I know some people will comment on it attacking me personally for being "angry". A lot of my readers know I am a Christian, but they sometimes don't understand (even Christians themselves) that it does not mean I can never or should never be angry. I already have some share of "haters" or people attacking me personally because of my opinion, so I closed that off. But only that one.
Why don't you email me at my "Contact Me " page. It's under my Photo.
Thanks for dropping by.

faye said...

have a wonderful off from your pc..
pretty sure ur pc say thank you BOSS for my day off too!

Nanaybelen said...

ok. sleep well Pchi

famous circle said...

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Joops said...

I always tell my wife Rose this hehehe...

chubskulit said...

Can I tell myself that? Can you say it again? Nahhhh I can hahaha, addict na talaga ako lol..

psssttt said...

Thanks for reminding me to take rest from the pc hehehe..

GeneratedMadness said...

I have had insomnia since 7th grade, and actually have been told by medical professionals that working on the computer within an hour of the time you would like to sleep will result in sleep disorders. I don't know if I buy it yet, but I do try and limit my time on the unlimited content that is accessible through the internet.

Gem said...

parang maganda ang beach diyan! hehehe

pchi said...


I see


haha... and maybe my mom because of we can save electric bill

@nanay belen

thanks po

@famous circle

thanks for the invitation

pchi said...


haha. I think she should as well, I'm starting to think she is a super woman


yeah, I am getting addicted myself... I can't blame you




so true, I have that problem as well and yeah I agree with you

Internet has a lot to offer we have to keep away sometimes

I hope the changes you've made in your habits with help your insomnia problem


uu, pero especially sa SAMAL pero usto ko din visit sa Baguio, never been there pa

Tigis said...

take a good care of your heath my friend. Hope you're okay now. I also have a problem with my sleep. Especially if I'm working on nite shift. Sleeping during day time isn't quite my habit :)

Gem said...

Mukhang exciting diyan. Ako sawa na dito. Exchange places.... Hehehe!

pchi said...


thanks friend... I will! thanks for the reminder and concern


sure, exchange places... now na?

Gem said...

As if, I could just wish - for now.. hehehe... malay natin magkatotoo.

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