Dreaming of a Mansion

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What kind of house do you want to live in?

I want a house with a wide floor area where children can run around; a spacious garden filled with flowers and ornamental plants. I want a landscaped yard where I can read a good book under the shade of fruit trees while my kids are playing. I want a vineyard where I can pick fresh and organic vegetables. I want a house with a library, music studio, swimming pool, jacuzzi, and a home theater system. I want my house to have intricate and creative design. I want a simple yet elegant mansion painted in white and yellow. I want a fully furnished house with paintings, accessories and modern furnitures.

My brother and boyfriend are both civil engineers. I have architect friends as well. They could always at anytime draw my dream mansion and design it according to my wishes. I am just not so sure if I will be able to build and bring it to completion.

I've always dreamed of being an interior designer. I want to personally pick my own pieces of designer furnitures for the living room, Italian furnitures for the dining room and contemporary furnitures for the library, music studio and home theater. I want the master bedroom to be especially crafted with bedroom furnitures that would be very ideal for my relaxation as well as private intimate moments with my husband.

Oh, before I forget to tell you, I want my mansion built in a beautiful island like Samal, Bohol, Palawan, Bahamas, or Malibu, California. Yes, I am dreaming. But who knows, it might come true one day.

I love staying at home. I am a family oriented person. My heart is where my home is. A house is not a home without the family. I want a home where love abounds above all material things. In reality, I just want a home with my loving family on it.

How about you? Tell me about your dream house.

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Lilly's Life said...

Your ideal house sounds good to me. I love open plan houses, with lots of light and space and lots of outdoor living areas. Oh get your brother to help you design a house, just for the fun of it if nothing else. You never know when it might become a reality.

Joops said...

I love your concept of a home!

chubskulit said...

Ganda ng description, you may settle down na peachy hehehe.. reading ready ka na for a family..

Seriously, you sounded like you're so ready para lumagay sa tahimik...

happy said...

very good endorsement!

GeneratedMadness said...

I've always wanted a row-house style home that has just enough space to live in comfortably. The older 3-story row houses in Philly or San Fran are just awesome - and completely unaffordable at my young age of 25. I will be in apartments in the city or a house in the suburbs until I accumulate some wealth.

pchi said...


thanks for sharing

lots of light and space and lots of outdoor living areas

I think i'd like that too! I guess I will follow your suggestion... I'll ask brother to design it for fun!

thanks for that

pchi said...




haha... oh, really? I think I am psyching up my mind... getting ready (LOL)

but I am not seriously... family life is not easy... I'm still too young for that



pchi said...


so true, I am just dreaming here

even the lot (land) in itself is very expensive and I cannot afford that as well

I hope you get your dream house as well

Suprih and Isti said...

I also want to have a home. Houses that are not too large but comfortable. House with two rooms, lounges, large kitchens, bathrooms are very clean.

Hopefully you become a successful interior design

I hope you will explore and leave comments www.enblog-gh.blogspot.com

Kwagoo said...

i think i'd like to have your house! haha..

but i prefer a smaller space like an apartment. my bf and i agreed that we want a zen theme. we don't want too much clutter, we just want a space that looks modern but classic, where we can relax and rejuvenate. hehe

good luck in your dream to be an interior designer, who knows one day we'll need one for our dream house :D hehe we'll just look for you! :D

vinkoy said...

same-same lang tayo nang dream house.. kaso, 'yong reading books under the tree lang ang ayaw ko.. :)

rob said...

a simple house in the US. :)

RJ said...

huhmn, the description of my dream house might not fit in your blog's comment space!

There's one thing I just want to mention, there should be a computer room and a computer, so I can enjoy reading Opinions in a Filipino Perspective!

Why not consider Bribie Island in QLD as one of the location of your dream mansion? It's a very nice place, as well.


pchi said...

@Suprih and Isti

Houses that are not too large but comfortable. House with two rooms, lounges, large kitchens, bathrooms are very clean.

sounds really good to me too!
cleanliness is really important, that's the problem with a big house

thanks for reminding me


Zen is very minimalistic... and I think that fits very well with you and your bf

yeah, bigger house means more difficult to manage

cge, hanapin mo ako ha? lol


bakit ayaw mo ng reading books under the tree?

baka mahulugan ng insects and worms? hehe


wow, that is possible


haha... Oh, I forgot to mention my computer room, thanks for that reminder

yeah, I want to go to Australia for a few years... do you know any jobs I work there?

faye said...

just an ordinary house pchi.important is tao nakatira..hehe
importante madaling ma achieve if im dream a mansion...well its only in my dream never become true..

Enncrave said...

Dear pchi,

Big things that happened in life started with a dream. It all started in a dream... I like the dreamer in you... Why "white and yellow" is there something very special? Coincedence, perhaps, I have my newly-built home concrete fence painted also in white and yellow. I would like to share with you the pictures of my home soon as I received from the Phils.
Thanks for a nice post... Enn

pchi said...


just an ordinary house pchi.important is tao nakatira..hehe

agree! i'm solt out to that idea. what matters is you are contented and happy with your life

importante madaling ma achieve if im dream a mansion...well its only in my dream never become true..

it's free to dream... although it may sound impossible, but well, it's our privilege to dream

when people stop dreaming... I think that's not good

because if you still dream, you have hope for the future

"habang buhay may pag-asa"

pchi said...


wow, nice coincidence

I am excited to see your newly built house
I am happy you were able to fulfill that dream

I am getting more positive about my dreams,thank you so much for your encouragement

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