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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It is a kind of inward struggle.
You want to prove your worth
decided to make your plans work
to show it;
yet somehow,
in the middle of it all
you get lost
you grasp for motivation to do good,
to be able to serve
to make other people happy
you find all the reasons to do so;
yet here you are
wondering if you ever did anything right in your entire life


In case I'd die today
Am I ready?

I have a feeling
I've always thought
I wouldn't live that long
It is with this reason
I face each day with great expectations
and a thankful heart
I always think, what if this night is my last?

Tomorrow, if I wake up
I'd be thankful for another day
Thank God for another chance, another day


I've always believed
Life here on earth is transitory
A bridge from here to eternity
We're strangers, aliens on a journey
There's a place beyond, a place full of glory

When I get so anxious about making a living
When other people get my attention
But refuse to bow down and pray
Read text messages, emails and comment responses
But ignoring to read my Scriptures
I realize I hadn't been investing my time wisely
What happens to me on judgment day?

How about you?
Are you building your house in eternity
with hays, straws and wood
or with gold, silver, costly stones?

I hope you are doing a better job than me

5 comment(s):

Nyl said...

i am trying to build my castle for the life hereafter pero ang hirap din pala maging laging mabait!hehe

nice thoughts pchi..

Joops said...

everyone of us will face that on judgement day and all of our deeds will be counted... I hope I am doing the right thing hehehe..

Got a riddle in my house for you, can you please take a look and tell me what you think? thank you!

pchi said...


so true, it is against human nature
That's my point, I try to follow what the Bible tells me to, but it is hard


yes, that's right... I hope we are going to pass the test

and yes, I will check that

Cecile n' Matt said...

i love yyour very inspirational poems here :-)

pchi said...

@cecille and matt

thanks. that's very encouraging!

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