Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I've been experiencing glitches with my Yahoo mail for three days in a row. I just couldn't open my inbox. If I could, it's short lived. I also get disconnected with Messenger from to time. I cannot check my Mybloglog account.

I am getting a little upset because my ymail contains many of my important files although not too important to attract hackers.

Anybody who has same problems with me? Or is it my PC who has problems? Gmail, Friendster, Blogger works fine. It's just with Yahoo services. Since my default toolbar is Yahoo search... it also doesn't work well.

Any idea why this is so? Please leave me a comment. Thanks :-)

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chubskulit said...

hmmmmmnnnn i dunno sistah, my yahoo is working fine... di naman siguro sa connection kasi if so di mo rin magagamit ibang services diba.. I don't know what to tell you...

thanks for following my blog lil' sister, i'm following yours too..

saka pala if you have extra time, pa add and pavisit na rin bago kong baby

thank you so much!

pchi said...

it's OK now ate rose...

thanks for the that!

Gem said...

I really don't like Yahoo these days. I lost access to my primary email because of some glitch I encountered while working on my Yahoo profile.

Help! I can't get into my Yahoo mail account

In the end I had to open a new account.

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