Love and other emotions that move us

Monday, June 30, 2008

Emotions are life's most powerful forces. We are moved to laugh, cry, dance, write (or blog), draw or paint by emotions like love, sympathy, pity, anger, rage, envy, jealousy.

If you aren't capable of experiencing any of the emotions I have mentioned, then you must be some kind of robot or alien, lifeless in short. Even God is full of emotions, he loves, sympathizes, and he can be angered. As long as we live and breathe, our emotions are integral part of our being.

In my last post, I have written about the mysteries regarding understanding the "other sex's" emotions. Yet I have failed to note that, before trying to discover somebody else's we must master our own.


Feelings are neither bad or good. We feel happy. We feel sad. We get angry. We get very, very upset. We are often disappointed about something. Our heart goes out to all the people who have lost their love ones especially in the recent tragedies in the shipwreck of MV Princess of the Stars, earthquake in China and Japan, cyclone and storms in Myanmar, abuse by Chinese authorities in Tibet, flash floods, terrorism, fire and other calamities in our countrymen.

But we must learn to manage our emotions or our emotions might take over our common sense. If that happens, we become crippled and paralyzed and might not function properly.


Love is the most glamorized human emotion although love in the real sense encompasses mere emotions. Love has a far richer hue that words could not even describe. I think "falling in love" is a notion we substitute to infatuation. Infatuation isn't a very popular world but it surely is a trend. You meet an interesting person and your heart might skip a beat, but it's not love. It might grow into love later if you nourish and allow it to be. Love is not something we fall into, it is something that grows. It takes time and once the foundation is firmly rooted, it cannot be easily destroyed.

Feelings can be deceptive. The Christian bible says the heart is the most deceitful above all things. The heart feels and the mind thinks. The head is rational and the heart is emotional? But how to achieve the perfect balance? That, honesty I don't know yet. Each of our personalities have loopholes, each person with a flaw. The way of one person is entirely different with another. You and me, we are distinct and unique. How you cope, address and manage emotions might be different with mine.

But whatever it is that we are thinking or feeling, we know that we have each other for support. And we have a big Brother in heaven looking, monitoring and helping us if we fail. These are what matters most.

Men and their emotions, why are we so intrigued?

Sunday, June 29, 2008

We've always been intrigued about how the other sex operates emotionally.

Search it up in google and you will find many entries that have been written to explain how the "other sex" is wired so differently especially in expressing emotions.

In my case, since I am a woman I am puzzled by how men behave when I expect them to behave in a different way, the way I would have wanted them to!


Anyway, I am assuming that you know what emotions mean so I don't have to define it here.


During my college days, I was almost among the male pack. I was one of the boys. So I spent a great deal of my time with them, eating at the canteen, chatting inside the library, reviewing for the examinations and on occasional night-outs when we have to beat the deadline for a programming assignment, and later on dating a friend. Indeed, my life in college would have been more difficult than it was if not for my good male friends who have helped me in so many ways (this is like a tribute, so if you guys are reading... my sincere appreciation to you and your friendship).

However, even though I have been so close to them, there are some experiences that we cannot share together. There are certain areas in life that are intangible. There are just some issues when interacting with each other that men and women have a difficulty reconciling. One is how we express emotions.


Of course in ordinary friendships men and women don't necessarily need to express deep emotions. We support each other, give a pat on the back, a hug or say some comforting words when the other is feeling down. I think men are able to do that in a general sense. I believe men are capable of expressing sympathy and in sharing both our joys, griefs, excitement, sadness and all kinds of emotions there is. But, the conflict comes in a more personal relationship between men and women, as in case of marriage and courtship.

In marriage and courtship, men are expected to show their emotions almost all the time. Women crave for intimacy. In my own words, women want to be one with the person they love, to share everything. So women usually talk to share her feelings. However, men don't usually operate that way. The outlet of their feelings is not through talking, but in doing some activity!


Are men really ought not to cry?

How are men suppose to let out their bad feelings, anyways? If they had just got fired from work, lost a loved one in a tragedy, broke up with their partners, or just feeling blue, are they just gonna repress it and gulp it with alcohol? Or run amok in the streets, fight anybody who crosses his path, hostage somebody or God forbid, commit suicide?


I'll continue this post next time, I am so sleepy already.

Are you alarmed with GLOBAL WARMING?

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Global warming, climate change and carbon dioxide emission take center stage among the hottest issues facing the world today.

One and obvious reason, it's global. There is only one earth, and we share the same sun, atmosphere and all the seas are interconnected to each other.

Two, is evidence. Lately, it has manifested. We are witnesses to the increase in humidity as well erratic changes in our climate and weather patterns.

Three, the damages are permanent. There are things that are simply irreversible. Regret comes often too late.

Fourth, is awareness. We want to be informed so we can take action and if possible precautionary measures.

But, did you know that it was you and me who are to be blamed for the earth's condition now? Reports have confirmed that human activities are the main culprit for global warming.


What is Global warming?

Global warming is the result of uncontrolled emission of carbon dioxide and other green house gases in our atmosphere. Greenhouse gases per se are not bad. They are necessary to make the earth livable by trapping heat from the sun (we couldn’t live if the earth was too cold, right?). In the recent decades however, we consume and burn fossil fuels that emit large concentration of greenhouse gases more than the earth’s oceans and protective polar caps can cool and are therefore trapped in our atmosphere creating a warmer air temperature throughout the world.

Global warming in layman’s term is the increase of surface temperature of the earth. And although scientists are debating on the effects and causes of global warming, I am inclined to believe it is true. Reports from some scientists around the world confirmed that sea level has indeed risen by a foot and snow caps and glaciers have melted. Another popular keyword related to this is climate change. They say global warming causes climate change. In southern Philippines where I live, we tend to experience erratic weather/climate changes. My mother would complain about really humid weather during the day and heavy downpour during late afternoons and evening. She observed that it was strange because in the previous years there were very few rains during April and rather usually comes on May. But that’s not to say, I am so sure about it’s correlation with global warming.

With industrialization, progress, economic development and globalization, the world had also increased in it’s use of non-renewable fossil fuels like coal, peat, gasoline for cars, factories, even homes and hospitals. It is also worth mentioning that population has ballooned and quite exceeded the capacity of the earth to be inhabited safely (haha, think so!). Each of us uses a lot of energy (I mean electrical, fuel, etc and we throw away massive amount of garbage too!) that’s why humans are pointed out to be the main culprit for global warming.


So, what can we do about it? These steps maybe simple but they are life-saving. More can be read from here.

  • cut down on appliance and electricity use (OKAY, this is quite difficult because it means we need to save a little bit on our computer use too!)
  • drive less as much as possible
  • recycle (and I should mention segregate waste properly too! and don’t burn non-biodegradable wastes)
  • I think we should also cut back on disposable items. It’s too much waste. As much as possible, don’t buy disposable plates/forks/glasses when having picnis, save on diaper use, use a basket when going to the market as to not accumulate plastics
  • eat more vegetarian meals
  • plant more trees (this idea is mine, hehe) As know plants breathe on carbon dioxide, maybe that will help a little
I also posted this article on my other blog site.

new home

I love my previous blog site. But sometimes, it's hard to load my URL, so I am moving. This site is my new home (on the web world, that is).

Ironic, isn't it?

I've talked to a friend of different nationality a few minutes ago. Their economy is one of the most powerful in the world today. He confessed that he and majority of his people are lonely. In fact, their country ranked top among the most number of people who committed suicide.

I live in a third world country. Most of our people are poor. Jobs are in recession. Workers are underpaid. It is hardly a comfortable life for maybe almost 60% of the people. Yet I can say, we are generally happy and contented. Not that people are happy and contented with being poor. It is the attitude that life will be better in the future, so why wallow in self pity... It is having fun even in whatever situation you are in. Laughter makes problems seem lighter than they really are.

Isn't it ironic?


I believe the best things in life are free. Relationship. It is the single most important thing in life. A family, a friend, a lover or even a pet can make a lot of difference in one's existence.

Relationship with God is essential. It gives you hope. Life is uncertain but if you have a God, there is an anchor that keeps you even when strong bleak winds start to blow you away.

People invest more of their time in work, or establishing their career or businesses. They have worked on their financial stability all their life, only to end up in nursing homes when they are old because their children never cared about them.

Isn't it ironic?


If parents have nurtured their children well enough, somehow, love has a way of getting back to you again when you give it away. It always bounces back. Children take care of the parents who have nourished and nurtured them well, and invested their time in building good relationship with them.

Though, I must say also, that there are also people who are really apathetic and have the "I don't care about you" attitude, who always say "mind your own business" even with the parents who have lovingly brought them up. It seems to be a growing concern in our modern society.

Life is a wheel. We reap what we sow. The golden rules apply. Don't do unto others what you don't what others will do to you.


Materialism has lured the world of what it has to offer. The desire of wanting to get and acquire more never ends. There is no contentment. Unless you get contented, you will never be truly happy.

Individualism. People want to have privacy, to do things alone. It is good. But there is time to be alone, and a time to meet together and do things with other people.


Just opinions eh...

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