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Friday, August 29, 2008

A big thank you to the person who gave me this award: Ate Iceah, a mommy blogger who writes positive and uplifting devotions every week that serves as wake up call when we feel lenient and lax with our relationship with God and our service to our friends, family, neighbors and even strangers.

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Now, I'd like to pass to all my blogger friends... I hope our friendship lasts and never ends.... (movie line?) LOL

A Birthday Prayer

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Birthday Prayer
by Pchi

Thank you dear Lord for another year
You have given me to live
I'd try to give you honor as much as joy
As I tread the journey I will take

Teach me to love the way you want me to
Allow me to see people's worth beyond what I can see
Don't let me trample on others feelings
Help me to be careful
Oh how I treat them, oh should be with glee

I lay down all my plans for the future on you
Help me choose a career suited for me
So I'll be happy as can be
Money is important and don't let me be greedy

Of all the things that you allowed me to be
I am so glad I have family and friends on my side
There's nothing I regret, nothing I'd change
If I would live it all over again

Well, I just actually wanted to say
I thank you for my birthday
I've been what I am because of your mercy
I hope to love you back as you to me

Thanks Lord, I love you


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mindanao has been blessed with an abundant natural resource of soil system that is incredibly one of the most productive in the world. All year round, Mindanao’s position outside the typhoon belt and its fertile lands make it an ideal place for agriculture. Copra, for instance is the number one agricultural product for which Mindanao takes profit. Its seas are also rich in fishes, gems like pearls, and its beaches and other natural sites are attractive enough to capture and make money out of local and international tourists. The lands of this second largest island in the country also boost prosperous supply of mineral resources like rubber, gold, silver and copper. Add to that, the rich heritage of cultural diversity.

But why does Mindanao, despite its vast natural resources suffer the ill fate of poverty? In fact, 15 provinces in Mindanao top the lists of poorest provinces in the Philippines and simultaneously, reported the lowest literacy rate, which is 75 percent, and lowest life expectancy of 57 years.1

Indeed, one of the most prevalent problems in Mindanao is poverty; which I believe is social, economic and political in nature. Poverty is manifested; as there is also an increase of squatters in public lands, so much hunger in rural and even urban areas, illiteracy, widespread of diseases; or simply the shortage of basic needs of human beings: food, shelter, medicine, clothes, etc. Poverty is the main reason why sprouts of other problems develop. And poverty boils down to one social problem – injustice.

The poverty-stricken situation of most localities in Mindanao is unjust. For, what Aristotle means with justice is the observance of the golden mean or simply implies that everything be in moderation to uphold justice. A few people live in mansions and enjoy the luxuries of living extravagantly say in Insular Village, while most of the vast majority of people suffer in shanties and are barely able to afford three square meals a day for the whole family. Moreover, no matter how hard the poor try to improve their lot, generally their position gets worse and worse, in comparison to the relatively few who become richer in wealth without even extending much effort. Few landlords own big and productive farms while the vast majority finds it impossible to acquire a lot barely enough to build their home.

This makes me believe in a Marxist perspective of social classes; namely the working class or also known a proletariat and, the bourgeoisie. The capitalist society aggravates the unjust circumstance of Mindanao people because large masses of workingmen toil in labor for subsistence and for their very acute needs in contrast with the few business investors who accumulated excessive riches. The working people are the base wherewith the superstructure of capitalists stands. This again is unjust since; these people on the bottom of the social structure sell their labor because they do not own the production for wages at the starvation level, not enough even to supply the necessities of life. What worsens the situation is the fact that in order to find employment, they maybe forced to work even with the dangers to their health, moral integrity and religious faith, like prostitution. More specifically, the social problem involves the exploitation of the multitude of workingmen with the oppressive practices of their employers by acquiring the concentration of wealth that should have been equally divided according to each one’s labor in a just society. [EDIT - I am not a communist. This was a point I need to raise for my paper]

Poverty is also the underlying issue of the secessionist movements and underground communism (both uses the tools of armed struggle and political violence) confronting Mindanao for decades now. Although the island clearly has potential for substantial and accelerated economic growth, however the quality of life of the people of Mindanao has historically been well below national levels. Some of the worst-off areas, in central and western Mindanao, have 19 percent of the region’s population, and is largely Muslim dominated. The lands of Mindanao have been ill managed by the government (after the Americans, through a series of unjust and inhuman legislations, declared the whole island public property, and, as such, all land-holdings of the Moros were confiscated and subsequently expropriated by the Christian settlers from Luzon).

The government simply grabbed the lands of the Moros and gave the same to its “own people” – the Christian Filipino settlers from the north despite the Lumads and Moros’ resistance to the self-proclaimed sovereign power of the American imposed state. I think the Moros for example, want to assert that they are deprived of their rights of life, liberty and property because the Christian population is overruling their number throughout the years and settling in the lands they used to own. In the first place, they did not submit to the colonizing powers of both Spain and America. What grieves them the more, is that the existing governments also poses a threat to Moros ethic identity by not assuring to safeguard the sovereignty of the “Muslims” as citizens of the country instead take part in the ethnocentric neglect of the contributions of the Moros in the society at large.

Under current economic and political order in Mindanao, the social insecurity and injustice has been too much for the Moros to bear. The prevailing social structure clearly does not attend to their need that is why they are pushing an independent state at the process of predisposition of violence. The armed struggle is only a means to show that the government and its leaders failed to address its proper function towards the hopeless condition of Mindanao. Unemployment besieges the greater part of Jolo for instance, thus also increases the likelihood of illiteracy and poor lives because they solely depend on seaweed and fishes for nourishment. And for some Moros, like the fundamentalist MILF and MNLF believe that separation of Mindanao from the State is the only way to solve this crisis. In the process, they resort to the ideological patterns of violence to resist and oppose the existing government in a desire to outburst their sentiments of wanting to separate into an independent state.

However, in efforts to control the various pursuits of separatist movements, religious extremist movements and underground communists, the Republic of the Philippines through its leaders especially the ousted Estrada and Macapagal-Arroyo uphold Machiavellian means to solve the problem. They tried to shape mutually acceptable solutions but after failed peace talks and negotiations; resorted to waging war against them – this ought to be an effort to solve the problem, that is regardless of the lives lost as long as the “ends justifies the means.” As the insurgencies and conflicts roused, Manila has used 60 percent of the armed forces or about 70,000 soldiers in Mindanao to fight not only the MILF, but also the Abu Sayyaf, the Communist New Peoples’ Army, and numerous groups of bandits. 2

But the military approach did not resolve the problem and cannot bring about a just, genuine and lasting peace there; simply because the real roots of the problem needs a comprehensive understanding of the main components of the emergence of the struggle namely issue, relation and power. The roots of Mindanao conflicts had been long complicated and deep that it cannot be solved without first healing the wounds of social injustices and addressing the bigger issues of poverty, ethnic/racial discrimination, and social inequalities as a whole. In approaching a problem, says Mao Tse Tung, a Marxist should see the whole as well as the parts. And even if the all-out-war imposed on Moros by Estrada and Macapagal succeeded, it wouldn’t be justified just yet, because it only aggravated what should have been the greater concerns to be addressed by the government; the fighting caused many houses and other buildings to be destroyed or burned; many families were forced to abandon their homes and live in evacuation centers (that the government did not even supply with enough food); and what could be more worse than knowing that many nursing mothers had let their infants die of malnutrition and sicknesses but could not even bury their dead because they do not have enough money?

Aren’t these supposed to be human rights violation of life, liberty and property that should be guarded by the state according to John Locke? Moreover, the offensive attacks of the military did not help in the trade and tourism of Mindanao either; developing agencies and foreign aids postponed their projects because of the rocketing hostilities of war; most especially disrupted the planting in key agricultural areas, affecting the source of income of many.

What Mindanao needs, I think is the sincere efforts of the government through its leaders to a kind of service that Saint Thomas Aquinas proposed. There must be political changes; it must develop officials who can really govern the nation and bring it to prosperity. This requires them to be logically wise just like the philosopher-king of Plato so that they can make sound and efficient economic policies. The government needs to implement aggressive, broad-ranging activities in Mindanao that aims to improve business climate and make economic growth more equitable, reintegrate former combatants into the economy, and strengthen local government units.

There must be an aggressive effort for a true development in Mindanao, socially, economically and politically. Lastly, the government should be sincere in its efforts to push through a just society that as Jean-Jacques Rousseau accounts makes laws for the greater good and welfare of the citizenry. The government should firstly alleviate poverty, eradicating the deep problem that is social injustice and then the armed struggle will be won without blood.

I wrote this essay in 2003 for a paper in a Social Science subject. I think there are a lot of Filipinos who don't understand the reason why there is and there will always be a conflict in Mindanao. I researched from my university's library archives and found some books which gave rational reasons why. This essay borrowed some facts and ideas from the authors of the books I have read, but unfortunately, could not find their names and books now.

It does not mean to say that I am in favor for the Moro and their cause, it's just that I am giving you a bit of their side. There is so much misunderstanding in the world because we rarely cared enough to hear the other party's perspective.

I also shared some bits of my opinions on how we can resolve this conflict. The rule applies: "You have to understand the problem first before you can solve it"

My Fill-ins

Saturday, August 23, 2008

This tag was passed on to me by Yenzz

Players : YEN/ MICH/ EDS/ LIS/ vinkoy/ Chubz /Yenzz / Pchi / YOUR BLOG WHERE YOU POST THIS TAG

My roommate and I once: lived and ate together for two semesters

Never in my life have I: smoked cigarette and drank alcohol

High school was: not enough to prepare me for college

When I’m nervous: I panic and realize I need to relax

My hair: is black

When I was 5: I started pre-school

When I turn my head left: I see my bed

I should be: sleeping... it's 1:33 in the morning

By this time next year: i will turn a year older (august is my birth month)

My favorite aunt is: Aunt Dita

I have a hard time understanding: why people can be so greedy they can be so evil

You know I like you if: I treat you nicely with lots of smiles

My ideal breakfast is: milk, rice and veggies+meat

If you visit my home town: you can eat a lot of different kinds of bananas

If you spend the night at my house: depends on your purpose

The animal I would like to see flying besides birds: human?

I shouldn’t have been: staying up late

Last night: I was working

A better name for me would be: Sandy

I’ve been told I look like: Donita Rose, my sisters

If I could have any car, it would be: Toyota Prius (black)

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What a long day! This was what happened...

Thanks Carol for this tag. Sorry, the response was uber late, but was glad enough you had me in mind when you did this tag.


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Today, I

:: [10 AM] woke up really late

:: [11 AM] received a text message from the worried mother of my boyfriend who went suddenly missing and asked me whether I knew his whereabouts

:: [4 PM] went to my boyfriend's parents house to talk to them

:: [5 PM] went to supermarket to run errands for my elder sister

:: [8PM - 12 midnight] - worked and talked with my Japanese friends online

:: [12 midnight] was told and glad that my boyfriend was back home

HAHA. Thank God for this day!

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wow, this makes my day... I am happy my friends value my blog and my friendship. Now that gives some meaning to my existence here. Anyway, enough of this drama, I'd like to extend my sincerest gratitude to Ate Rose and Ate Lou for giving me the "Kick Ass" award and Ate Iceah and Maicel for saying that they love my blog... Tears of joy...*sob*

Thanks again Ate Iceah and Maicel *hugs* This is very sweet.

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BLOG = language of our souls

So, let's see... I will pass this award to.... Vikki, Louie, EV, Rose, Fe, Kikams, and back to Iceah
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Kick Ass Award

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I actually don't like term because it sounds vulgar enough from my 50% conservative and 50% liberated point of view, let's just do what the award says nonetheless. I will nominate five bloggers who are writes really interesting posts, sometimes inspiring and sometimes funny.

Please accept this award.... Ferzam, Mykts, CJ, Gumer, Lei

Ferzam - relevant news, political cartoons that depict social, political and social situations in the Philippines

Myk2ts - vivid and color description of every day events and love life, told in a very personal way you might think you are in the writer's shoes

CJ - rants and opinions on political and social issues from an ex-government worker who is pursuing a nursing career

Gumer - tips and tricks from a computer enthusiast, a plus: written in good English

Lei - colorful and not so colorful life of a wife and mom, a very personal blog written in Filipino that almost anyone could relate to

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Common grammar slips we commit when using English- Part II

Friday, August 15, 2008

Native English speakers do commit grammatical errors even though it's their first language. Being an American, British, or Australian doesn't guarantee a flawless English. Sometimes, even native English speakers tend to be careless, forsaking the rules that make up the language.

Any language consist of a grammar rule, or a syntax. As a computer scientist I know many programming languages, and they too have certain constructs, a rule, a syntax and a semantics rule so that the computer can understand what we tell them to do, in a way we want them to!

Well, syntax is there for a reason. But this post is not to explain that. I've come up with a post about the common misuses in the English language, part two. I am not a linguistics expert, but I do know English as a second language. Having said that doesn't really make me a qualified authority, let me share you the most common errors I observe anyway.

We've been out of school too long ago and we became too lax. I think our English skills have seriously deteriorated from a lack of proper use. Who corrects our errors anyway? Unless we work in a publishing or information company, we know that we can always get away with the small lapses. As you are reading this, you might have observed some. LOL

As a math major, I only had a total of 15 units of English related courses in the university. These are: three units of English grammar, three units of communication skills in writing, three units of speech communication, three units of literature and three units of scientific writing. Now, that's a problem if I am going to enroll in a law school next year.

Well, the only link was that all my subjects were taught in English so I still had something to write occasionally in a semester. In a school like UP, even Math, Programming, Physics or PE subjects have essays and written reports. Mind you, even NSTP (National Service Training Program) required us to write an essay on a win-win conflict resolution of the Moro armed struggle in Mindanao and it should be no less than ten pages, font number 10, 1.5 spacing. Guess what, it's longer than my English language courses' requirements. And of course, I had to write and defend my manuscript in English too!

English certainly has it's quirks but isn't it what makes it interesting?

Too much introduction by the way, but here they are:

Part one? click here

Prepositions of Time: On, In, At


We use on with
a. days of the week: Mondays, Tuesdays... Sundays
Example: I will be seeing my dentist on Saturday.
b. precise date: August 14, 2008, May 28, 1st of October
Example. My mother was born on August 3, 19xx
c. seasons


In is used for broad rather than specific
a. years, decades, centuries
In 1898, Emilio Aguinaldo was proclaimed the first Philippine president.
b. months
We will be moving out to our new apartment in December.


At is used for specific rather than broad
a. specific time of the day
Example: Please call me at 8:30.
b. specific time expressions: night, noon

Prepositions of place: in/at/on

a. commonly used for broad rather than specific (countries, or broad areas in context)
Example: In the Philippines, the weather is hot all year round.
b. referring to closed spaces (ex. building)
c. bodies of water (Ex. in the sea)

a. specific rather than broad (i.e. : address, specifying a town or city)
ex. I live at Apartment 231, Narra St., Davao City.
We have been living at Kanagawa prefecture.
b. referring to open spaces (ex. parks, zoo, etc)


a. surfaces (desk, table, floor)
b. street
ex. Turn left on Main Street...
c. directions (left, right)
c. small islands

to - to indicate a movement from one place to another
Ex. I will go to the movie theater.
Let us go to the office

Note: article "the" denotes "building"

Modals: can/could/might/must/shall/may/should

Correct usage of Modals
a. No 's in third person singular
ex. He can speak Italian.
b. Use not to make it negative
ex. cannot, should not, will not
c. can, must, should don't have future of past forms
I will can sing in the future (wrong)

might -
a. something you cannot decide at the moment
b. something that is possible to happen to you if you are not careful (ex. accidents)
c. something that is likely, you need to be prepared just in case

a. asking for suggestions
ex. Should I leave him or not?
b. giving advice
ex. I think you should leave him now or regret it later.
c. making decisions
ex. Should I buy this one or that one?

a. asking somebody's permission to ask for his help
Could you please do me a favor?
b. expressing ability in the past
I could swim before.

may - asking for permission

I will try to explain these things next time:

lie, lay - lay/lain



their, they're/there






If I was/were





I have got to/ I have to immediate/later

Yet vs Already

Some sources:

Other interesting reads for common English blunders

Dream Vacation

Thanks ate Fe for this tag. Now it's my turn to disclose my dream destination.

I've always been fascinated by the group of islands in Batanes, in the northernmost part of the Philippines. I love everything I've heard from word-of-mouth of people who have visited this place. They say the Ivatans (local folks) are very nice people and they seem to take care of their province very well 'cause it looks very clean and pristine.

Batanes, Philippines

Outside the Philippines, I'd like to go to Switzerland. I'd like to go hiking on the Swiss Alps (if that is possible), eat their chocolates and drink fresh milk. I will also buy swiss knife. LOL

Alps, Switzerland

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Please share your dream destinations too, and why...

Karanasan ko sa pilahan sa DFA

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Isang araw naisip ko, "kukuha kaya ako ng passport?" Baka sakali kasi may pagkakataon ako na makapag-pangibangbayan, medyo napapaisip na din na magbaka-sakali sa ibang bansa. Sa katunayan, nakapagsulat na ako ng post sa kalituhan kong ito.

Wala naman talaga akong balak na umalis para magtrabaho sa ibang bansa. Kahit nuon pa, naisip kong dito lang ko sa Pilipinas maninilbihan. Pero ano kaya kung magbago ang isip ko, e di, mas mabuti nang maging handa. Kaya gusto kong kumuha ng passport.

Nitong nakaraang Biyernes, pumaroon ako sa opisina ng DFA sa lungsod ng Davao. Mga alas kwatro pa lang yun ng umaga at mataas na ang pila. Kasama ko ang boypren ko, sa bilang niya mga nasa ika-120 kami. Alas otso pa ang bukas ng opisina pero nandoon na kami kahit madilim at malamig pa ang paligid. Napagtantiya ko, ang dami pala talagang Pilipinong nais makapagtrabaho sa abroad, biruin mo, kung araw araw ganoon kahaba ang pila, aba hindi ko na kayang gamitin ang aking mga kamay at paa sa pagbibilang dahil sa sobrang dami.

Dahil palakaibigan naman ako, minarapat kong kausapin paminsan-minsan ang aking mga katabi. Ilang oras pa naman din kaming nakikipagsiksikan sa maliit na ispasyo para makatiyak lang na maproseso ang aming mga dokumento. Halos karamihan sa kanila Muslim, galing pa sa malalayong pook sa Mindanao, tulad ng Cotabato, Davao Oriental at kung saan-saan pa. Babae at lalaki, bata at medyo matatanda na. Ang daming gustong mamasukang katulong at kung anu-ano pa. Oo nga naman ang hirap makahanap ng disente at matinong pagkakakitaan dito sa Pilipinas, lalo na kung mababa lang ang pinag-aralan.

Noong mga bandang nag-uumaga na, nung nabalot na ng liwanag ang buong paligid, bigla na lamang kaming nagtaka. Tila mukhang dumaming bigla ang mga nauuna sa amin. Aba, medyo nakakainis din pala. Pero hindi na ako nagtaka. Tayo na yata ang isa sa mga pinaka walang disiplinang lahi sa buong mundo. Ang dami-dami nating dirty tricks upang makalamang sa iba. Bakit sa Singapore di naman uso ang sumingit sa linya. Kahit saan maayos naman silang pumipila, sa bus stop, sa mga sinehan, pero sa Pilipinas... hay naku... kahit may pinag-aralan minsan walang modo.

Upang malibang naman kami, niyaya kong maglaro na lang kami ng word games ng boypren ko. Noong una, bitay o yun bang lokal na bersyon ng "Hangman". Pinalitan namin ng "Bingo" noong huli. Ang patakaran sa laro ay magbigay ng sampong aytem sa bawat kategorya. Halimbawa: "Magbigay ng mga prutas na hindi kahoy". Aba, at least mapapaisip ka... at hindi mo mapapansin ang oras kasi abala ka... may matutunan ka pa. LOL. Eto namang boypren ko, hinahaluan ng biro, kaya tawa kami ng tawa. Minsan pinagtitinginan na nga kami ng ibang mga pumipila kasi kami lang ata ang mukhang masaya. Paano ba naman kasi, nung ang kategorya namin ay "magbigay ng 10 pagkain na nagsisimula sa letrang P maliban sa junkfood, ang isinulat ng boypren ko ay:
  1. pritong manok
  2. pritong itlog
  3. pritong isda
  4. pritong baboy
  5. pritong talong
at kung anu-ano pang prito... Hay talaga, ibang klase din naman ang humor ng boypren ko. Wala na akong magawa kundi tumawa. Seryoso pa naman ako sa laro.

Palakaibigan din naman ang boypren ko. May mga nakausap din siyang mga lalaking aplikante. Yung isa nga, halatang kararating lang dahil basa pa ang buhok, at bigla na lang siyang nasa unahan ng pila. Bumayad daw ito ng P300 para makasingit dun sa isang aplikanteng nakapila sa unahan. Siguro marami silang nagbayad kasi nung papasok na kami, bigla na lang humaba ang aming pila, at nasa ika-250 na kami. Kay naku talaga sa mga Pilipino, kahit anu-anong raket na lang ang pasukin. Nakakainis lang kasi ikaw na matino, nauungasan na, nalalamangan pa. Naisip kaya nila ang pakiramdam nang sila naman ang naloko?

Bakit ba kahit saan ganito ang sitwasyon?

Talamak din ang korapsyon. Kung kailangan mong asukasihon ang mga dokumento dapat mag bigay ka ng lagay o pera depende sa hiningi nila. Isang halimbawa, sa aming bayan, kung mag-aaplay ka ng posisyon sa DepEd bilang guro, kailangan mong magbigay ng di bababa sa P60, 000 sa kinauukulan (sa supirentendent o kung sino man) para ipasok ka nila. Kahit saang ahensiya, ganito pa rin. Nakakaloka. Pero hindi ko naman sinasabing lahat ay ganito. Kahit paano may mga mabubuting budhi naman sa gobyerno. Salamat din kahit papano mayroon pa namang matitino. Sana dumami ang lahi nila at sana magbago na ang mga opisyal na garapalang nanghuhuthot ng pera.

Nakakainis talaga, lalo na kung apektado ka. Siguro, bale wala lang kung hindi ka naman gaanong naaapektohan. Kung hindi nga lang ako nasasayangan sa P1,000 na dagdag na halaga upang ipaproseso sa mga travel agency ang aking passport, e di na ako pumila. Hay naku talaga.

Sana isang araw, magising naman akong wala na ang mga problemang ito sa Pilipinas. Pipila pa naman ako uli kasi di tinanggap ang mga supporting documents na dala ko. Babalik na naman ako, ngunit mag-isa na lang ako. Siguro, kailangan ko nang tanggapin na ganito talaga mamuhay sa Pilipinas. Saan ba makakabili ng pasensiya, bibili ako bultuhan. Naubos kasi nung minsang pumila ako sa DFA. Kailangan kong makabili bago ako bumalik doon.


Nakakuha na ako ng passport. Bumalik ako noong Martes, alas 8:30 na ako dumating, naasikaso naman ako kaagad, natapos ko ang proseso sa loob ng dalawang oras. Nakalabas na ako ng opisina ng 10:30.

Ang moral lesson ay: huwag pumunta ng Biyernes kasi maraming tao.

Ang problema hindi ko yata magagamit ang passport kasi wala naman akong balak magtrabaho sa ibang bansa. Pero malay natin, nakapagbakasyon ako kahit sa Hongkong, Singapore o Malaysia lang. Afford naman yata kung pag-iipunan, di ba?

To English readers: Once in a while I write in Filipino because I talk about touchy aspects of our culture. It's just right to use our own language to talk to my own people.


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Suggestions for a happier YOU

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Faced with inflation, job recession, and other stresses in our modern lives, we need to be creative to find ways to stay afloat sane during these times. We deal with personal problems daily, as well as handle difficulties with our relationships with people, be it with our family members, partners, friends, co-workers, or even strangers. In a dog-eat-dog world, it really is a busy and stressful life.

So, is happiness elusive? I don't think so. If we know how to balance our priorities, invest our time on the things that matter most, I think we will find fulfillment and at least a little happiness that we are looking for. Sometimes, we don't have to look far, because being happy depends on our behavior, our way of life, our lifestyle and way of thinking. Nevertheless, an article from Reader's Digest gives 20 tips on how we can be and how to stay happy.

Here they come

1. Practice mindfulness.
2. Laugh out loud.
3. Go to sleep.
4. Hum along.
5. Declutter.
6. Just say no.
7. Make a list.
8. Do one thing at a time.
9. Garden.
10. Tune out the news.
11. Take a dog for a walk.
12. Scent the air.
13. Ignore the stock market.
14. Visit a quiet place.
15. Volunteer.
16. Spend time alone.
17. Walk mindfully.
18. Give priority to close relationships.
19. Take care of the soul.
20. Count your blessings.

Source Reader's Digest. Read the whole article from here or cut and paste this site to your URL.

Looking for a stress reliever? Let's SING stress out!

Singing is top of the activities that my boyfriend and I enjoy. We love singing at KaraOkes. At NCCC Mall Davao, we sing our hearts out in their booths for P11 per song (roughly $0.25). He serenades me with "Beautiful Girl" and "You look wonderful tonight". We sing really old and classic songs, mostly love songs or country genre. When we get together with my college buddies, we either eat out, have coffee or sing. I also like to sing alone. HAHAHA.

I am actually a lousy singer. I do get the notes sometimes, but more often it's off the key. My brother would tease me every time I play keyboards or the guitar because I sing really bad. My boyfriend is more encouraging though! He says I just need more practice. Gee, that's why I love him, he only says good things.

Anyway friends, now I found a great site for frustrated singers like me. It's free but there are songs that are only accessible to Gold members. My friend Jane referred it to me and now I'm loving it too! It's great because it's a good stress buster, a relaxing activity and a good practice for our professional career later on (hopefully). LOL. You can record a song of your choice and show it to your friends. You can meet a lot of new people too!

Not a sponsored post, OK? Try it. You will love it... that's a guarantee. Again it's SingSnap.

I hope there is a Christian version of this site where I can sing songs by Jaci Velasquez, Bob Fitts, The Vineyard, Steve Cuban, Hillsong, Don Moen, et al.

Tag Of Four

I've been tagged by Marie. Thanks sis for this tag.. :)

Instructions: What you are supposed to do...and please don't spoil the fun...Click copy/paste, type in your answers and tag four people in your lists! Don't forget to change my answers to the questions with that of your own.

(A) Four places I go over and over: beautiful islands, malls, church, favorite eating places

(B) Four people who e-mail me regularly: my sister, my boss, job personnel, a Japanese friend

(C) Four of my favorite places to eat? KFC, Red Ribbon, Mandarin Tea Garden, Le Franz

(D) Four places you'd rather be? home, beach, mountain, where my loved ones are

(E) Four people I think will respond: Jemade, Myk2ts, Malyn, Vicy

(F) Four TV shows I could watch over and over: Ow, sorry I don't watch TV shows again

Now tagging Jemade, Malyn, Mykts, Vicy,

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