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Friday, October 3, 2008

I can remain silent...
I can shut my eyes and pretend I don't see anything
I can cover my ears and act like I don't hear a thing
I am happy after all, I am blessed, I am content

When you see people suffer, what do you do?
When somebody's life shatters hopelessly, what do you say?
when people are being victimized, how do you react?
Do you cringe in rage, rejoice or feel sympathy and say

how pity...

That's it? How pity...

To feel pity is the same as being apathetic if we don't do something
Words of consolation and encouragement are good
Putting it in action is better

I don't want to be rich
I don't want to be genius
I'd rather be simple and unsophisticated
I'd rather be ordinary
Than to be haughty and proud
Looking down on people because they are "lesser" fortunate

I hate it when people judge people
When we give out our opinions even without actually listening to the other person's point of view
I desist gossip and rumor-mongers who do nothing but destroy other people's reputation

Even if the gossip is true?
Who are we to throw stones
If another person makes mistakes
do we have the right to humiliate him or mock at him?
Are we faultless? Are we saints?
Are we incapable of erring?

I'm zealous against people who discriminate other people

just because they look better
they are richer
they are a much "superior race"

What's in a color?
What's in a face?
What's in a fortune?
What's in success and victory

Why don't we just respect our differences?
Why don't we just accept the cultural diversity?
Why don't we just shut our mouth when we don't have anything good to say anyway?
Why don't we just start being more humane?

If we look at it...

having beautiful facial and body features is given
being smart or intelligent is a gift
being rich is a blessing
belonging in "superior race" is incidental

The only thing we can say as our own, is our personality, our character, our attitude, and how we use what we have to help, love, use, or to destroy people

What on earth are we here for, anyway?

Is this just a meaningless existence...
A cycle of years and hard work?
I think there's an eternity after these all
So I am preparing for that journey beyond

I hope we stop looking down on people because they are "below" our level. I know it's a reality, it's never fair, some people are luckier than others, some are better looking, wiser, more successful...

But can we just treat people as people? After all, who says one is more significant than another?

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Joops said...

I agree with you on this one. other people think that they are better than other whish isn't fair because if you look on the real deal, we're all eqaully the same in the eyes of God!

ckulit said...

another vital post of yours sis... I really don't like people like them, masyadong mapanghusga or mapag mataas... We should always put ourselves leveled to others..

GBY sis!

selee said...

pchi..pchi..i strolled around some blogger's lane and i saw pchi.wala man jud lain pchi na gagamit ani na spelling. so i tried it out..small small at all.

Gem said...

"What on earth are we here for, anyway?"

Most people plan their lives, but there are things that happen beyond control.

Being simple is actually better than being sophisticated.

iceah said...

@ gem
tama ka jan c:


may picture ba ito sana? you wrote kasi "picture taken from" o you got this from?

sinulat moba itong poem? ganda sis dami siguradong tinamaan nito c: hehehe c: good post tumatagos sa puso c:

Nanaybelen said...

well well said dami natin complains sa ibang tao pero minsan gawain din natin na di natin sinasadya, o kaya ginawa natin for a purpose o kaya na mis interpret lang

ginawa mo ba ito? ang galing mo. pang eye opener di bah?

pchi said...


that's right... we were created equal.

it's unfair that some people feel more superior than others

as if they rule the world, and the world revolves around them

I just hate the idea that people discriminate people

pchi said...


that's right ate rose

some people like to think highly of themselves

It would have been OK... Confidence and a sense of pride is good

but looking down on people is not good at all...

thanks sis!

pchi said...


yep, that's right

the cyber world is not so big at all.. I am happy that you came across my blog

i've added you here in my friends as well

pchi said...


sophistication per se is not bad...

some people are just naturally sophisticated in a way

but if they are... I hope they don't show it off much

it ignites jealousy and envy kasi

wan ko ba, bakit marami din tao ang naiinggit

pchi said...


yeah, even though how much we plan our lives. there are just things beyond our control

but whatever happens, God is in control... He holds the universe in the palm of his hands, and our futures are safe and secure in his hands

pchi said...


thanks sis

I actually felt guilty, 'cause it sounded preachy... :(

but that's just the way I felt

I thought of putting a picture, but I couldn't find a suitable one.. di ko pala na delete ang link, hehe

pchi said...

@nanay belen

thanks for the compliment

yes, I made it...

it isn't actually a poem, but a prose
parang tuloy tuloy lang ang flow ng thoughts ko

regardless of rhyme...

i hope my posts are not preachy, after all

i am not a saint myself..

I am guilty even

Amel's Realm said...

What a strong, valid, beautiful post!!! THANKS for the reminder! :-))))

Nyl said...

wonderful and insightful thoughts pchi..keep it up!

pchi said...


thanks for that

and for dropping by :-)

pchi said...


thanks sis

Pastilan said...

Yes, pity and compassion are two different things. When you pity someone you are actually thankful that you are not in his place. but when you feel compassion you are will to share the burden and the pain to make it easier for the suffering person. But the sad truth is that we are all engrossed with our love of our self.

There are times that I feel numb, comfortably numb (like in that song) and nothing touches or shocks me anymore. Probably that's because of too much exposure to the sufferings and misfortune of the human race. The media is partly to blame, the make disaster, misfortune and hatred a daily staple for the masses. If we turn off our TV sets and computers for six months, probably we will become compassionate again.

reanaclaire said...

Life is journey, always full of challenges, each day we go thru different phases. sometimes we feel defeated and at times, we are like on top of the world..
life is made easier when we have God at our side... hope is always there when we accept Him.. He will never forsake nor betray us..just Trust in Him
Take care..

cEciLLe said...

your post left me speechless. or should i say - Bravo!

nice points you got there.

keep up.

Maricel said...

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pchi said...


that's well said.

pity is different from compassion

and I agree with you, sometimes because we see suffering and injustice everyday... we feel numb

I think the only way to escape this reality is to be hermits

but that's impossible.. hehe

pchi said...

@reana claire

thank you for your encouraging words... i will take note of what you said..

and you are right, God will take care of us

pchi said...


thanks sis...

chubskulit said...

hi sistah, got another award for you... feel free to grab it when you have time.. mwah!

Gem said...

Don't be guilty about it... opinions mo naman eh... hehe!

pchi said...


thanks... I will see it later

pchi said...


hehe... baka kasi preachy ako masyado.

perooo nga may freedom ako. pero titry ko na walang maoffend sa aking opinions

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