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Saturday, October 25, 2008

A few days to go, it's November!
A few weeks more... it's December!
Now, that's a lot of parties and celebrations to attend to.

But what if, you're the event organizer? What do you do? Have you planned in advance the program and set of activities? How about the working committees? Who's going to make the invitations, decorations and backdrops, prepare the food, costumes, et cetera.

I've been there, done that. As a vice president for the youth group organization in our church for many years, I've always been asked to lead, organize or help the working committees for Thanksgiving celebrations, youth group outings, church beach picnics, concerts, Christmas parties, even birthday, debut, wedding, dedication celebrations to some, and burial to others. As a Sunday School teacher for children (two-ten years old), we also have to make our own presentations, and surely that's what kids are most excited about.

The task as events organizer can be daunting; if you don't know where to find decorations, backdrops, or other visual effects. You have to keep track of the everything from planning to execution. The sponsors, guest list, catering, reception, speakers, performers, sound system, lighting and many more. Of course, you all have to book them in advance so planning is the key. You also have to consider the budget. Tap people who can greatly assist you. Get all the help you can. It should be a group effort.

Now, we're starting to meet for the Christmas and Thanksgiving celebration parties, and musical presentations. May God guide and bless our endeavors.


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Kwagoo said...

It's so true! Being an events organizer is really challenging and overwhelming at times. In addition to making sure that everything's in its right place, you have to defend your designs to your hosts/ heads, motivate people to your vision and make sure everything is within budget.

I loved how everything would fall into place when the event commences. It's really a tiring, stressful but fulfilling job.

Good luck with your celebrations! Sounds really fun and interesting! :D

pchi said...

making sure that everything's in its right place, you have to defend your designs to your hosts/ heads, motivate people to your vision and make sure everything is within budget.

thanks for that additional tip....

so true, it is very fulfilling :-)

ROSILIE said...

Hello pchi,
Sana sa next summit makasama ka.
I hope that your bf will have that job too.tc my friend.

Fernando C. Zamora said...

more often, absence makes heart grow ponder ... :-) been out for regular blogging and i think im back with the posts i just recently made. it's great to see you around too and i really wanted to visit your site after so long a time that i never did. your blog is becoming even more interesting huh... keep it up... best regards and see u around.. o by the way did you join the digitalfilipino.com club at grand regal hotel?

RoNald said...

Haven't been into this kind of job maybe because I am not into planning. #-o. But then I agree that it would be a great achievement when an event is successful because you have given an effort.

Great Post!

Nanaybelen said...

nice. sunday school teacher ka pala.
attender lang ako. UCCP

jigs said...

oi salamat kaayo sa imong pag duaw sa akong payag. kakuyaw pa aning mga imong mga gipan suwat diari naglisod kog ton sa mga letra,. sa imong giignun nga x links. babutang na tika sa listahan sa akong mga higala. duaw lng uya puhon sa pagtuki. salamat og hinaot ko nga sa dili madugay ibutang usab ko nimo diari.

RJ said...

Good luck sa LAHAT ng mga events na ino-organize mo!

pchi said...


thanks for that. next year, hopefully kasama na ako! yipee!

@fernando zamora

thanks :-) I like your posts so I keep coming back

no, I did not hear about that until recently when bloggers like you wrote about that experience and it's already history

pchi said...


well, so does it mean I'm into it? haha. now actually I am not so into it... you know, I start delegating or transferring the responsibilities to the younger ones (haha)

@nanay belen

yup... for kids lang ako. it's nice experience man din. fun!

pchi said...


haha. nahirapan ako sa bisaya mo ah. naglisud ko ug sabot kaw lalum man kaayo ang imong panultian

sige, idd tika


salamat po... :-) hopefully successful sila LAHAT

bingkee said...

Back in Davao City, I used to own an event organizing company--in fact we're the 1st event organizing firm that was established in the whole Mindanao area. It was really the most "glamorous" part of my life but the most stressful job I ever had.

chubskulit said...

I can see that you'll be a great mom and wife pchi, basing to what you're sharing to us.. Keep it up..

Got an award for you (beautiful blog award)..

misty said...

I used to be a secretary so I know how hard it is to be an organizer, its the most stressful part of my job because we're the one in charge with organizing all the student activities... Its challenging though and i like it!

Me, the islands and the world said...

gee..if i can help it..i'd rather attend than be the one organizing. it's such a "nosebleed" activity for me.

pchi said...


that's good to know

event organizing is indeed stressful. I am happy that you were successful in area before

btw, what happened to it now?

pchi said...


hay ate rose. thanks for the encouragement but I still feel so apprehensive about that

I don't want to! hehe
my boyfriend is ready to get married anytime but I don't want to yet...

takot pa ako igive-up ang pagka-tamad... hehe

pchi said...


that's a tough job.... You really have to be super organized to be in that job

I salute you for being in that position, that's really tough

pchi said...

@me and the islands of the world

gee! so true... but if I will now help, who will?

hehe :-) So I try to volunteer din and after that many people will volunteer din as well

U.Lee said...

Hi Pchi, wow, sounds real tough your assignment.
Wish you the best, I'm sure everything will turn out well...will there be singing too?
Or kids beauty contest? Best pumpkin carving?
You have a great time and keep well, Lee.

bingkee said...

It's a long story and the demise of it brought me so much pain because of treachery of a co-founding member and the shame led me to go to the US. If that did not happen, I would have not come here.

pchi said...

@u lee

haha. wow, nice suggestion

maybe some singing and dancing competition

but I am not sure of the kids beauty contest (haha)

that's really cute really


oh, sorry to hear that.. now at least things turned out well, did it?

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