Math difficulty? Consider it problem solved!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Almost everyone struggles with Math problems at some point, except for those who are really gifted with the ability to understand completely abstract mathematical concepts with ease.

I wasn't one of them. I studied hard to understand techniques to solve word problems, probability calculator, linear programming, equivalent fractions, calculus, prime factorization, and many others. Good tutors worked with me through various practice exercises and were really helpful. I've had many of them from high school to college.

Sometimes, it's hard to find an available tutor near your area. The Internet is a useful tool. Many websites offer interactive tutoring services to students from all levels even for Mathematics. TutorVista is one of the most notable especially if you need help in K12 or college math courses.

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Grown-up talk

I smile at how things have changed.

People around me, they talk strange. Investments. Business. Marriage. Children. Debts. Mortgage. Insurance. Health care. Career shift. Make-up. Gadgets. Reputation. Boss. Separation. Immigration/working abroad. Savings. Sex. Car loan. Travelling. Credit limit [list goes on]

There's a lot of buzz on these various topics but they're not the types of talks I frequently hear before. Now, I hear them all the time. I talk about most of them with my friends and those around me as well. Isn't that strange? I've learned grown-up talk. Am I grown-up now?

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