Ways to ward off stress

Monday, March 2, 2009

Simple and and basic ways to prevent stress are listed below. They have been learned through personal experience and following experts' advice.

1. Sleeping

Shutting down. Switching off. People, like finest machineries, need time off. During this time, the body repairs itself as it replenishes the cells that have been used up during the day, tunes up the body organs and recharges the life-batteries for the next day's use.

Check my previous post about why you should consider putting "sleep" into your schedule. People who have had a good night's rest are less irritable and more productive at work or school.

2. Laughing

Isn't it said to be the best medicine? Have a good laugh today! The more you laugh, the less likely you are to get sick and studies have shown that. If you're feeling sad or depressed now, humor yourself by recalling funny experiences, watching comedy shows or observe the baby's playful smile - your blues will surely go away, even just for a while.

3. Having the right attitude

Often in life, we get stressed because we have too much expectation. The pressure to acquire more; our demand for time and attention from people; we keep grudges and refuse to forgive and we don't know we're ruining ourselves by doing that. You can check the list I wrote about the things that I learned I need to do in life.

4. Knowing what are important and prioritizing them

We are trying to chase too many things, trying to have everything, we have to many things in our to-do list. Why don't we simplify life by doing the things that are most important. PROCRASTINATION always gets in the way though. It's one of the things I always struggle against. Important things that have been put off until "tomorrow" never get done - increasing the load for the next day. The result? stress....

5. Taking a rest

It does not matter if it's a long vacation or a very brief one, always remember to take days off from work. Even God rested on the seventh day. If you work hard enough you'll eventually burn out. Here's my experience!

6. Praying

Anxieties and worries can rob our joy. Turn them over to God and let Him lift your burdens. A prayer a day does not necessarily mean keeping the problems away but is does frees our mind from the anticipation that something bad will happen to us. If our minds are not preoccupied with the negative thoughts, then we are free to do whatever we want to.

More suggestions for a happier you!

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Productive Pinoy said...

I like number 5 and 6!

on #5 I like going on small and big vacations. I agree that even God rested on the seventh day and he did this to enjoy his creation =)

Great posts!

Nyl said...
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Nyl said...

hey!i need this! salamat kaayo ani gurl!:)

Berryblitz said...

yan ata ang kailangan ko, na hindi ko magawa

aries_arevalo_ax said...

hello pchi!!!

yeah, I agree with those tips, esp. number 6. Let God help you with your cross...

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and my paypal account is xanderrootbeer@gmail.com

Thank you for sponsoring!!!

God bless...

Pastilan said...

This is what Berry needs. And me also. I am also stressed out, been very busy the past two weeks. I really need number 1.

Ron Centeno said...

Great stress reducers definitely.

SEDONA said...

Its really a nice article on stress buster.

Gem said...

Thanks for the tips! I like sleeping and laughing. And I would like to add a related tip to the list - meditation!

pchi said...

@Productive Pinoy

thank you! I wish I can have big vacations! hehe


are you getting stressed girl?


ba't naman. please do take time to sleep. hirap niyan kasi pagtanda natin marami tayong mararamdamang sakit

pchi said...


OK. sent you your winnings already! congratulations!


cge. bawi ka lang sa big vacations Pasti! marami-rami na rin cguro naipon mo. busy masyado eh



pchi said...




hmmm... yeah, thanks for that addition!

Berryblitz said...

si ivan kc eh hahaha

nangsisi ng baby

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