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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sometimes, I ask myself: "why do I work so hard?"

Man toils in hard labor to live but life losses its meaning when all one does is just work, work, work; an endless, tiring, meaningless routine of work, work, work.

Don't we all work so we can feed ourselves and have fun? A day job, a night job, weekend part-time job and paid posts assignments in blogging are putting much pressure on my mind.

I am not complaining. I am enjoying my jobs. They make me fulfilled and they have gained me financial independence. I also know that the world is in global financial problem and many people are out of job. I realized I've been burning my candle at both ends though, pushing my limit grabbing all possible opportunities just to have more extra income. It's entirely crazy however, because even if I get more income, I end up spending money on doctors' fees and medicines anyway.

Why do I need much money anyway? How much do I need to be contented?
Financial independence? financial security? needs? wants? savings? charity? vacations? in preparation for retirement? investment for pensions?

I don't need much. There's no such thing as financial security, even if a person has a stable income now, there's no assurance that one will continue to have it until old age. We live because God continues to shower us with blessings, provides our needs and allows us to enjoy what we have worked hard.

As a Christian, I believe God does not leave any room for chance and that everything that happens, happen for a reason and God is in full control of everything. In one of his sermons, our preacher expressed his thoughts why the big economies have "fallen". He said that in the American dollar it is inscribed, "In God we trust." However, because of feelings of greatness and independence from God, God may have caused the US and other biggest economies to stumble. I don't agree or disagree, that's just his opinion anyway, and everyone is entitled to express his own ideas.

Even God rested on the seventh day. Don't we all should do the same?

I thought I needed a break and that's exactly what I did. A time to reconsider, to reflect and to ponder and evaluate how I am managing the time, talent and treasure (money) that God has given me.

Sometimes, the love of money and the desire to acquire more can get in the way and cloud our perspectives to see the things that really matter in life. The Bible reminds us not to store riches in this world where it can just be stolen or destroyed. We have to invest our time on things that matters most, like relationship with our family, or friends and especially for eternity. We have to have a steady, functioning, intimate relationship with God, who has caused all things to work for our good.

Next post: about my retreat, hot spring, swimming, steam bath, gold mining experience and two days stay at a rural community.

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janmck said...

WEEE! I'd like to comment on this one! hehehe! ^_^

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And by the way, we all need financial independence, not only for ourselves but for our family, to spend more time with our family.And for other people who needs support. hehehe! ^_^

But these are only my opinions ate ha.. hehe! Sorry for acting so mature-like.. I'm just so used to being with entrepreneurs like my family.. hehehe! ^_^

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janmck said...

And by the way ate.. Hindi ka naka adsense? Adsense can be a good way to make some semi-passive income.. hehehe! ^_^

RJ said...

Tulad nga ng naisulat ko na, Money is like a drug, it can give euphoric effect (1,000,000,000 times more potent than morphine) or even analgesia from all kinds of life's pains (1,000,000 times more powerful than paracetamol).

However, money is addictive that's why its dosage should be properly regulated; whether we decrease or increase its dosage the drug (money) effect is always the same- it's getting worse. Kaya dapat tama lang, correct dosage talaga.

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Berryblitz said...

for me, ang important thing is, u got enough salary to feed yourself/family, and you enjoy your work

yan lang =)

pero syempre, kailangan talaga ng pahinga, wag over work, wag mo akong gayahin

SweetMom said...

Rest on the seventh day - this is the very reason why God created this day...don't overwork..learn to smell the flowers, do gardening, and when i say 'rest' i don't mean you go to the mall... Rest=meditate on God's word.

pchi said...


thanks for the comment and suggestions
purposely, I did not put adsense

i might consider it next time

I've heard so many things about Bo Sanchez

the thing is, I don't really want to be rich, if ever I get rich I might change and keep wanting more

that might put a strain in my relationships with people, which I believe is the more important thing

pchi said...

@Doc RJ

uu nga, nakakanosebleed

check pa ako ng check sa medical dictionary ko....

sabagay, totoo nga. habang iniisip ko itong blog na ito, napagtanto kong money is addicting (tulad na nga ng sabi mo)

hindi tayo nakokontento (kulang man o labis)

hay. wait ha, basahin ko ulit post mo, di ko maintindihan

pchi said...


yun lang din naman sa akin. just enough

yung trabaho mo kasi, has a tendency to require you to overwork.

buti yung akin, hindi

bilib n nga lang din ako sayo, how you manage your time and put yourself together para sa lahat ng yun

pchi said...


that's what exactly this post is about SweetMom

God rested on the seventh day, so should we.

Berryblitz said...

well may sakit na ako ngayon, na overwork hahaha

na pressure sobra sa work

BOGCESS said...

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Thanks and GODBLESS!


Joops said...

Amen to that Ms. Pchi!

akoto said...

when you have a family and kids pchi, your perspective about things will change.. iba na kasi pag may mga anak ka na..

Nyl said...

nice thoughts pchi..

speed on!:)

pchi said...


anong nagyari. bakasyon ka kaya muna




thanks Joops

pchi said...


maybe, or maybe not. will see :D



Productive Pinoy said...

Great reminder.

I will have to agree with you that money will not make us content.

At same time we can be good stewards by investing what is entrusted to us. (money, talent, abilities)

We need to breathe, rest and enjoy just like what God did.

God rested on the 7th day... He did this to enjoy his creation.

Excellent post!

pchi said...

Thanks Productive Pinoy for reading this post

gooddell said...

nice post friends!!!

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