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Monday, March 2, 2009


Different women have different reactions of it. Some women shout for joy, some sob and weep, some don't know what their response would be. One thing for sure, it's an experience that will change a woman's life forever.

A woman usually experiences hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy and as a result some have acne breakouts. There are of course other physiological changes that would make them uncomfortable, irritable and just hard to reason and deal with. Because of these changes, a pregnant woman may feel insecure and lose her self-esteem which is very crucial for the baby. Research says it is not good for a woman to feel sad during her conception as it would affect the mood, development, and personality of the baby inside her womb.

It's good that Beaute de Maman has been developed and proved safe to use for both mother and baby. Beaute de Maman are natural health and cosmetic products specially made for expecting mothers and were developed by licensed obstetrician-gynecologist to treat problems related to pregnancy. It has been proven safe and some Hollywood celebrities like Chyler Leigh of “Grey’s Anatomy” and Jennifer Blanc have already used them. Order now!

By the way, congratulations to my sister who is pregnant with her second baby, her eldest will turn two at the time of the delivery of the former.


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Ron Centeno said...

Hmmm. So now pregnant women can still feel and look more radiant when they are pregnant.

Congratulations on your coming new niece or nephew. May your sister have a healthy pregnancy all the way.

BTW pchi, have a new blog on marcos history. Hope you can come by when you have time. Thanks! http;//

pchi said...

Hi Ron!

yes, I think so

thank you. we'll pray for her safe delivery

Game_Lover said...

Nice post friend

By the way nice to meet you :D cheer's

Gem said...

Hi Tita! Dadami ang reregaluhan at aalagaan mo, hehehe!

About the product, I just wish it was accessible when I had my baby. I was left with a lot of stretch marks in my body from that single pregnancy.

pchi said...

@Game love

thanks for dropping


yep. six and counting...hay.

yeah, I am actually weary how my body will change after pregnancy if ever. nasa lahi pa naman namin ang tumataba after manganak

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