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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The dangers of video games and too much exposure of the young children into the Internet are unfounded as of now. However, I am inclined to believe that video games offer less benefits than the disadvantages they bring. For example, I think that video games can harm the mental development of children, the violent characters of games they play may invade the children's consciousness and this could be the reason why kids today are getting aggressive and more violent than before.

I suggest that we introduce and help the children appreciate the kind of games that we played before. Physical games like hide-and-seek, tug-of-war, skipping rope, soccer, basketball, bicycling and other games are slowly becoming unpopular. These outdoor games, if done with other kids, help kids learn social interactions and strategic cooperations. However, these days they are being replaced by play stations, virtual games over the Internet and mobile gaming applications available in cellphones. We should encourage children to run and be active physically. I think this is a good way to strengthen their immune systems, as well as develop their communication skills.

Let's also engage kids into creative learning experiences with kiddie crafts and art projects. Stimulate your kids' creative juices by providing him or her toys, tools, and art supplies. For each jewelry design project, origami, painting or cards that a child makes, he/she discovers the joys of creating and inventing things from scratch. It will help him/her build confidence and you can also enjoy the bonding moments with the child and strengthen your relationship as well.

There are also other classic toys that we can let the children enjoy. Give them doll houses, action figures, stuffed toys, building sets, etc. We all remember how fun it was construct houses out of lego blocks, or how wonderful it felt to hug soft teddy bears. As children grow, they form their dreams and hopes of the future, let us help them forge better social skills, stimulate their mental development and be more responsible citizens by providing them toys that will help and not hurt them.

To see a wide range of toys for your kid, nephew, niece, grandchild, godchild, sister, or brother, please check the site. http://www.shopwiki.com/wiki/Toys+and+Games.

Photo: my student Keannu, a three-year old boy, is practicing how to use watercolor by coloring a picture.

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GAGAY said...

pagkacute sa mga bata..

The Mother said...

Easier said than done. As they get older, they aren't satisfied with crayons and clay. They want video games.

In consolation, studies are confirming that this generation has sky-high performance on eye-hand coordination, reaction time, and strategy. All from the video games.

tikno said...

Maybe The Mother is true

the egyptian knight said...

we have something in common
we both favorite ABEAUTIFUL MIND movie !!
i'd love to be friends !
kind regards

Boris said...

i didn't read your blog entry because I have already envisioned a blog post like this. In fact, I am making a similar article like this in the future.

I've seen a lot of benefits of kids playing the old stuff before like we used to do.

I would also like to encourage kids to play with boxes, sticks, sand, and paper. oh how imaginative are we when we were young :)

Berryblitz said...

naku mga bata ngayon kung mailalayo mo sa computer, suerte mo na

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