Learning web design from scratch again

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Web design is really a struggle for me. I've been meaning to change my site's look and feel for ages but I am virtually idiot in terms of digital scrapping. It's really a shame as a programmer, although my professors got used to my really simple interfaces back then and am still groping to do the layout of my projects now. What a pity, don't you think?

Earlier today, I scouted a book at the bookstore while looking over the shelves for books on how to effectively teach English to my students. The book I found was not about English though, but an "Introduction to Watercolor Paintings." I am not so poor in drawing actually, my friends thought I was creative (especially with school projects before and for the visual aids for my Sunday school lessons with the kids at the local church). Together, I want the kids and I to learn how to make watercolor paintings. I wish there was such a guide for learning web design that's basically dedicated to beginners. I think there are tons and tons of them so it's hard where to begin.


Got across a site where web design for idiots' main page website tutorials are taught. It's just a new one, so you can't find everything you need to know but it's good to keep posted because the owner keeps updating the site providing more links, graphics, examples, and other rich resources to help newbies design their first web site. You can also get your web design questions answered by web design for idiots author.

I may not be a newbie, but I think the reason why my skill is not progressing is that I am too lazy to learn web design and layout. I know that when I put much effort on it, I can be good at it. I promise to start learning again.


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