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Saturday, March 7, 2009

I suppose you thought I've been neglectful
I should have written sooner
But I can't decide on "what to write" about

Do you know how many drafts I've typed
that I planned to finish
Every now and then
with every spare time I have?
Every moment I saved to think of words to say
Something interrupts me
then I start from scratch again

To express the words of current emotions
is frightening when written down in this blog
Am I baring too much of my soul?
Do my words reflect too much
about my personality?

Sometimes I wish
I've never written fleeting moods
Like when I announced my engagement
or hopes of a life together with him
We are never sure of what the future holds
or how God will work out his plans
What if they'll never push through?

Even if I deleted my posts
If you've already read them
the thoughts take permanence
etched in your minds
Could I just take them away?

Still, there are no regrets
Words are my way of expression
But how do you leash emotions
When they should be better left unsaid?

In this blog,
There's no room for wailing,
complaint or torment
I'll promise
I'll try to hold them back

8 comment(s):

GAGAY [gah-guy] said...

minsan talaga te pchi, may mga instances n ganito like kahit napost a, we still need to edit/delete it..nakaranas n din ako eh.may naghanap, i was just silent, wala sila magawa, akin ang blog.. :(

Beaux said...

I understood your emotions well...sometimes, overwhelming emotions are better to be untold... but you'll never know which is which. overwhelming nga eh which means you cannot contain it and it needs to be bursted out...so you're right... "there's no room for wailing"...mababasa ang keyboard mo.. =)

Boris said...

I undersstand you too. being a blogger, thinking of things to say is semi-hard.

blogs are meant to express ourselves, deleting them is not an option.

blog what you want, what you like, it's your life :)

Berryblitz said...

we have blog to express ourselves, kaso minsan kainis kung sariling blog natin, we hold back on what to right, and we hold back if we "can" delete or edit old post like that, lalo na yung mga post na nageexpress tayo ng inis

Pastilan said...

The more you bare the better you look :)

My advice: don't try to hold back, let it flow.

Life is a rough ride and the roughness is what makes it more meaningful; a smooth ride is not exciting.

pchi said...


true. as much as possible, I delay publishing of random rants. in many words words can actually work wonders - sometimes positively, negatively on other occasions.


HAHA. oh there, you got a point. that happened once actually and I just deleted the part which was very emotional and continued posting the "censored" post

pchi said...


thanks Boris
actually, I beg to disagree.... although we have our freedom of expression, there should be a limit to that freedom

for instance, it isn't good to just mock people on our blogs just because we're angry... words are powerful and we may not realize it but our posts may put somebody in bad standing or harm.. in that case, do you think it's good to write as we please anyway?


yes, that's what I was thinking too... I mean our readers should be saved from our angst. They did nothing wrong so why should they get involved

pchi said...


The more you bare the better you look :)

LOL. You took it literally.

I will consider your advice. Thanks :)

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