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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Recently, I watched a TV show that featured a sports celebrity who had accumulated different kinds of trophies of different sizes - bagged from competitions here and abroad.

I wish I could be like that man, boasting all of his awards, displaying everything on that TV show.

Coincidentally, I've come across a website that offers different kinds of awards, plaques, medals and yes, trophies. I thought in my mind, it might be possible to buy myself some of those beautiful awards just for fun! (Evil grin =D>). I'd have to climb the corporate ladder to have a corporate award but this site offers customization for a reasonable price. Maybe I can buy some basketball trophies for my boyfriend and a gymnastics trophy for my bestfriend too! That would be so cool. Take a look!


On second thought, that must be a very silly thought. For one thing, I think they only accept bulk orders. Second, I don't really need a trophy. I am contented with my simple life afterall - I am not great but I am happy.

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