Nothing sensible comes out

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fifth time to try.
Unable to click the publish button.
Start from scratch again.
Thinking of words to say
Nothing sensible comes out.

What's the matter?
Nothing really.
It's just one of those times when
I'm at loss for words
And nothing sensible comes out.

My mind is not blank.
I have many things running in my head
It hurts badly enough
Trying to squeeze my mind searching for things to say
Still nothing sensible comes out.

Am I stressed? No, I don't think so.
Forlorn? No, it's not that.
Too happy? No, not really
It's just one of those times when I try so hard
Until I give up because nothing sensible comes out

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20 comment(s):

Nanaybelen said...

Hi Pchi. nangyayari naman sa atin talaga yan. yun bang parang refuse to think.. refuse to work.. at basta wala lang.. heheh

med said...

Just pass by to say Hi and God Bless!

RJ said...

Ayan, wala kang naiisip pero may bago kang post dito. Ayos! o",)

Berryblitz said...

just relax. and kung wala, wala talaga =p

ako naman, no time to blog hayzzzzzzzzzz

Pastilan said...

But it's sensible Pchi :) You're one hell of a good poet :) I know when I read one, trust me :)

mommyko said...

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kikamz said...

that's just a passing phase pchi.. lilipas din yan. and you wrote a lovely poem dear... sensible enough for your message to come across. ingat!

iceah said...

ang galing nga ng poem mo nothing sensible ba yan so cool kya ng sinulat mo dear c:

Anonymous said...

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Miah Laborte said...

wehehehe... happened to me a lot of times nah... lolz... lilipas din yan pch... nice piece ha...

khaye said...

this piece of writing itself is worth clicking the publish button! :)

Romy said...

I'm convinced artist can really turn non sensible moments to something really admirable. Just like this one. You are really good pchi!

misty said...

Kuya Pasti is right, kahit sinasabi mong wala kang maisip, ang ganda pa rin ng sinulat mo hehehe..

Gem said...

Feeling poetic? Hehehe. Writer's block

pchi said...

@Nanay Belen

OO nga yata. it happens and quite so often to me (hehe


thanks for passing by


kalokohan ba? hihi

pchi said...


Yeah, I can't force myself to write sometimes

I know it's hard for you to juggle many things, just couldn't imagine how you do it,


thanks Pasti. thanks for that compliment. I am happy even if there's only one person who appreciates what I write about


yes, I am interested. I have already left a comment in your site

pchi said...


thanks sis! I hope I will have more inspiration to write


thanks sis for always encouraging me to do better


Ok. will do

pchi said...

@Miah Laborte

it guess it does happens to everybody
that's a good consolation


this piece of writing itself is worth clicking the publish button!

thank you for saying that, Ms. Khaye


Wow! My heart is so glad to know that you liked it Kuya Romy! *hugs*

pchi said...


thanks for saying that sis


Feeling poetic? Writer's block?

both! haha

Tigis said...

yes it actually do happen for many people including me :) I guess all we have to do is wait for the best moment the sensible words come out :)

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