NewsBreak: I couldn't believe my eyes

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A woman gave birth to a set of octuplets babies after caesarian operation.

Gosh. I'm terrified with one and she's had eight!
We'll I wish I could have twins but thought it would be hard to nurse both babies.

Well, this is a sensational news so I am sure you have already read or watched it on TV.

If you haven't, please check this link.

Photo credit: here

HAHA. I am busy actually. I just couldn't believe this news. I can't stop myself from giving my reaction. Well, babies are blessings. I wish the new parents of the live octuplets well.

7 comment(s):

Berryblitz said...

wag kang magbalak ng twins hehehe kung wala kang pambayad for 1 yaya

1 lang mamamatay ka sa kakaalaga

pero grabeeeeeee 8!!! how can they take care all of those. ang mga babies pa naman, sabay sabay kung humingi ng milk

Nyl said...

i read the news online yesterday before i saw it on t.v. kahit ako napanganga!eh ang baboy nga ilan lang ang kayang ianak, tao pa?

but still it's a miracle. pang one time yan pchi!:D

joops said...

one good thing about them being in the States is that they get money from the governement and they will provided nannies too..

chubskulit said...

oh my goodness, dalawa nga lang inakay ko eh hirap na ako hehehe... but am sure they will be fine kasi may support naman sila from the governement..

iceah said...

oo nga naqpanood ko kgbi ito c: to think na may crisis ngayon :c

Tigis said...

yes, I watched this news in CNN. The guy said that he expected 7 babies but then the doctor told him, there's one more :)

I can't imagine how his wife could have 8 babies in her stomach. God is great.

janmck said...

what the!!! grabeh naman! hehehe! No offense to the mother ha.. but I can think that para na siyang Female dog or pig... that can give birth to 6-8 pups or baby pigs.. waaaa.. hehehe

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