Need to update my guide in women's fashion

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Do you know that I am a frustrated, trying hard seamstress?

I actually love sewing clothes and knitting fabrics by hand and by using a machine. I have been studying the fashion trend forecast for summer so I could come up with my own designs. Who knows I might open an online store one of these days.

There are so many considerations though. I realized it when I checked an online shopping guide for women's fashion. Each woman has a different shape and body type. I also need to choose the material whether it's cotton, nylon, polyester, silk, satin, or a combination of those.

It's next to impossible to really make it work at this time. I need to study more. Perhaps I need to check more online stores and shopping guides - so I will know what are in and out.

For now, I'll chill out on the beach and don those swimsuits! Oh, I don't have any yet. Hehe. I need to check a swimsuit buying guide first.

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GAGAY said...

Ate Pchi',

good day! 1 of our co-bloggers is in need now of help for his family was diagnosed from dengue and needing blood transfusion urgently..visit

hope we can extend prayers and financial help for kuya angel..thank u!


Nanaybelen said...

mahilig ka palang mag tahi. Ang tingen ko sa taong mahilig magtahi "pasensyosa"

med said...

dropping by to give you some smiles said...

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chubskulit said...

super hot hot hot hehee.. parehas tayo ng interest dearest pchi hehehe..

joops said...

Rose love sewing stuff like curtains and pillow case but she's not into clothes hehehe.. My sister love sewing any kind of clothes..

ryliej said...

hello pchi, meron akong extra elec sewing machine, want one (kaso magbabayad ka sa shipping lol) kidding..

Boris said...

hhmm... it's better if you pick an age group.

the desginer doesn't have to care who is wearing the clothes, what matters is, you made unique clothes.

hehehe.. explanation in tagalog. hindi naman kelangan pang alamin nung mga malalaking company ng mga damit kung malaki yung susuot or hindi, basta may S, M, L, XL eh yun na yun.

pag ang buyer ay babae, eh di babae same to us guys.

hindi rin naman ipinagbabawal bumili yung mga matataba sa hindi di ba? at kung panget o hinde.

kung kasya sa iyo eh di ok. kung hindi eh di humanap ka ng iba.

Tigis said...

after reading about swimsuit, my mind instantly imagining the swimsuit with your pic in it :mrgreen:

anyway, I think we should learn first how to swim :mrgreen:

pchi said...


yes, I've checked it. I will pray for their healing

@Nanay Belen

hmmm... ako, pasensyosa? hehe
cguro. depende sa sitwasyon


thanks for dropping by

pchi said...


talaga? you alos like to sew? ang saya! hehe


Oh, in that case, I don't like making curtains...

Rose love sewing stuff like curtains and pillow case but she's not into clothes hehehe.. My sister love sewing any kind of clothes..


haha. I wish I could have that

pchi said...


hmmm.. you're probably right

cguro babies ang icater ko. cute kasi. hehe

thanks for the idea... :D


yeah! I have to learn how to swim first

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