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Monday, January 5, 2009

Life is continually stirred by problems, but when God is set before us, we cannot be shaken!

I just feel like saying that because may people are worrying these days and I want to cheer them up. Are your worried about problems even when they didn't happen yet?

A friend offered me a web hosting plan and I am thinking of starting an entirely new blog instead of hosting this blog in its own domain.

I have another blog about technology, Internet, products and websites review but I didn't write much in that blog or had many links for that. It's easier to talk about my thoughts or opinions than make reviews over products and services here. I didn't have to research but plainly express what I think over an issue or something.

So, what do you think will be a good topic for me to talk about in my own domain?

I am thinking of writing daily meditations or devotionals. I want to write everyday so if I create a blog, I need to keep posting everyday and that would somehow give me motivation to write daily.

Another idea is to write about my journey to adulthood - and talk about women's interest.

I should be sleeping now. I will be working again tomorrow after a loooong holiday. Please help me by giving ideas on what to write about. Thank you.

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RJ said...

I am struggling on what to write in my own blog as well, so I can't suggest.

Women's interests?! Why not cater issues for both sexes?

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


iceah said...

keep it up mare c: stay with your faith tama yan c:

totoo yan kami kastart lang ng taon binagyo kagad pero be faithful cause He is faithful c:

Nanaybelen said...

Happy 3 KIngs

Joops said...

having a niche blog is hard, random thought blog is easier..

ryliej said...

ako anything that goes in my mind, yan sinusulat ko hehehe,...

bingkee said...

Hi PChi, I have a tag for you, "AtoZ " tag in my blog. come check it out---link love again for you.

Romy said...

They say writing something unique is best. And the most unique thing to write is about your daily struggles and how your personality as "YOU" make things easy or hard. Every person is unique so everyone's experiences are also unique in some sense.

joe comp said...

i want to say that i wish you have your success in 2009.greetings

marites1034 said...

expert bloggers say that niche blog is better than random blog to earn more but personally, niche blogging for me is harder because you get limited with your topis as well as resources. Anyway, girl,just go with your heart:)

pchi said...

Blogger RJ said...

Women's interests?! Why not cater issues for both sexes?

that would be hard, unless you make partnership with me and let's right a blog with me giving the female perspective and you giving the male point of view



pchi said...


thanks for the reminder. I will!


hehe. di ko alam yunah


having a niche blog is hard, random thought blog is easier..

right! that's the hard part

pchi said...


yeah, this blog is like that


ok. I've checked it and actually did the tag already


thank you for that Kuya Romy. That's what I am thinking

pchi said...

joe comp

thank you joe! my greetings to you as well


thanks sis. hmmm, haven't made up my mind yet

Tigis said...

Hi Pchi, what a great news! Having your own domain is fantastic. Maybe you would add with some more someday :) I think a blog/website is not really necessary a reflection of our thoughts only. You can blog in whatever topics, even the one that you don't understand and willing to learn about. Currently I've also been trying to add my blogs. Some are movies fan blog, the other are SEO blog, and got another domain for a young footballer dedicated blog. If you got no time you can always pay a ghostwriter to do the job. It's quite cheap actually, only $0.01/word. You can find it forum like this one :

Well, for your new blog, looking at all your alternatives, I think I suggest to write about women. You seem really know about women life in a good way. Also how to see things in a women perspective.
Just a suggestion :)

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