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Friday, January 30, 2009

Just a borrowed title.

I try to read my Bible everyday and to make it easier I bought a devotional guide book. There's a short article that discusses the Scripture being presented.

Well, I was struck because basically I've made many deliberate sins the devotional guide for today listed. It mentioned:

  • refusing to forgive/having hatred for a person for several days
  • lying, some form of addiction
  • succumbing to temptation/lust
  • choosing not to go to church
  • not supporting the local church financially
  • deliberately doing anything above many times
  • trying to cover up anything listed above
What makes them deliberate sins is the fact that we know fully well that they're wrong but still do them anyway. Anybody who will oppose?

This is something I really decided to deal in my life. I never know until when I will live. It's better to be prepared, settle things with my Creator and do something radical before I run out of time.

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bingkee said...

In Galatians 6:7, it says "...whatever a man sows , that he will also reap." So, it's really much better for us to change now and sow seeds of faith, love, mercy, compassion, humility, joy and perseverance because there will come a time for harvest---harvesting rewards in our life here and in heaven.
For holding grudges...meditate on Romans 12:17-21---these verses help me forgive, forget and restore peace in my life.

hector_olympus said...

in the end, the foremost important thing is your personal relationship with our Creator.

as for these list, the bible says we can approach God and ask for forgiveness.

He forgives. And He cares.

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