Pictures to ease the loneliness of being apart

Friday, January 30, 2009

Last year, I shared to you that my boyfriend had been planning to work abroad for our future.
Many of you shared your thoughts when I brought up the dilemma on whether I too, should marry him earlier than planned and go with him in a foreign land to work.

Well, my boyfriend left last Wednesday while I stayed behind. I could not go with him because he chose a job in KSA where there are very few job opportunities for women. For the four to five years that we've been together, this is the first time we are apart.

We took as many photographs together before he left. We captured those wacky moments full of laughter, our long walks at the shoreline, trips to the mall, his visits at my home. We also had a picture-taking session at a local studio. The problem is they're too numerous to print! Surely there is a better way.

Soon enough, I found Ceiva digital photo frames. Basically, it is an 8-inch high definition LCD screen (with a frame of course) that will display a slideshow of your photos direct from your phone. You just need to connect your phone to it using a data cable and it will work even without computer or internet connection. The best thing is that they have a running promo and it's only $29.99 with free ground shipping until February 13th.

Gotta hurry before the promo ends. I wonder, is shipping really free even in the Middle East?

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Gem said...

Hi Pchi!

Wow! Umalis na siya. Good to know that he's planning for your future - and with a good job.

I hope makuha ka rin niya sa middle east. I met lots of online friends, blogger and non-bloggers who had taken their families to live in the middle east.

GAGAY said...

ate pchi! nakakamiss nmn yan..whew!


chubskulit said...

wow pchi, he finally left ha... sana sunod ka na rin, mahirap nasa malayo hehehe nakakamiss..

joops said...

May God bless you and your boyfriend Pchi..

Tigis said...

hello Pchi, just imagining about what you said being together with your boyfriend before he went abroad. What a romantic moment that is :)

Nanaybelen said...

Owww.. Umalis na ang iyong boyfriend. di matagal pa ang iyong paghihintay ulit. sabagay mabilis naman ang araw. Sa isang iglap babakasyon naman agad sya. Ingat na lang sya .

may award pala ako sa iyo sa aking site. Sana ay magustohan mo.

mothercares said...

babay sa iyong boyfriend. Ingat sya lagi at call lagi sa iyo.

Berryblitz said...

sana makapag ipon sya ng limpak limpak para sa future nyo, yan ang ultimate wish ko habang nasa abroad sya.

and syempre sana lagi sya mag ingat =)

Ruthi said...

Oh... so how are you doin now? Trust me mabilis lang ang 5 years. Isipin mo na lang na nanjan lang siya sa tabi mo... in spirit... parang multo ba? hahahaha.

seriously, with the new technology... di mo mamiss un kasi tiyak na lagi kayong magkakausap sa skype.

GAGAY said...

whew..ok lng yan te pchi..heheh! ako nga wala..hehehe! nakakamiss nga lang..hehe!


pchi said...


yep. sometimes I am happy he's thinking about these things.

sometimes I am not.
Kasi I just have to follow where the wind blows (where he is) so I don't know my own plans

pchi said...


uu, grabeh. wala na daw ko'y lagi-an ingon niya na murag baby. hehe.


yun nga eh, cguro next contract niya sama na ako


thanks for that!

pchi said...


haha. not really. we're just like siblings and bestfriends.

@Nanay Belen

mabilis lang kaya? hehe
cge check ko. salamat po


yeah, goodbye for now

pchi said...


naks! limpak2 talaga?
di nga ako makikialam sa pera niya. hehe. di muna.

uu, sana malayo siya sa peligro. mahirap p naman sa Saudi


2 years lang po. hirap isipin ng five years! waaah!

pchi said...


haha. now it's time to start looking around kung may interesado

Pastilan said...

The world is smaller now, loneliness has many remedies, like Cieva photo frame :)

iceah said...

I can relate ganyan kami dati ng bf ko mahirap ang magkalayo e :c

pchi said...


true! but nothing beats the comfort of being together in space


*sigh* ex-bf? hindi si Pasti?

uu nga eh

Cecile said...

Umalis na pala bf mo, sige lang time flies and before you know it, bakasyon na, andyan naman siya sa tabi mo; for the meantime make yourself busy para malibang ka :-)

ingat and good luck to the two of you and your future!

pchi said...


thanks for that... hopefully yes

I am keeping myself occupied

I see this time as an opportunity to grow as a person

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