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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Every now and then, we receive life's priceless prizes.

A hug from a little kid. A smile from a baby. A compliment from a parent. A thank you from a son or daughter. A kiss from a partner. A sincere greeting from a friend.

All these things seem simple and ordinary. But do you know that they're the best things in life - those which are freely given. How do you imagine your life without such? Let's be grateful for these simple things and be gracious with giving these to others. A smile, a hug, a peek on the cheek, or even an earnest "how are you?" can make another person's day worthwhile.

Don't we all need recognition and appreciation?

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Anonymous said...

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Nyl said...

agree pchi..the best things in life are for free!:)

GAGAY said...

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GAGAY said...

te pchi! thank u for dropping in my site..sana magawa mu ang tag..thank u again!take care!


Anonymous said...

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Pastilan said...

Yes, there are many "little things" in life that most of us take for granted because we focus too much on the "big" things that are not really big when compared to a kiss or a hug :)

Tigis said...

couldn't agree more Pchi. You spotted on there. Btw, I think I'd like to add one thing, comment/visit from your friend in our blog :) I've been happy to have you in my blog :)

pchi said...


yes, will do check it


hehe. Oh, I hope I won't forget


yes, indeed


nice to see you here too, pal!

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