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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Procrastination is one thing that I am struggling to wrestle-free from and so I've decided to make the tag Bing has passed to me. Thanks sis! This tag is fun but there are just very few choices. I thought of making my own questions... :D anyway, here's the original set of questions.

A -Attached or Single? - legally unbound but emotionally attached (what?)
B -Best Friend? - mom, my bf
C-Cake or pie? - cake! weeeh :D
D -Day of choice? - Wednesday (I was born on a Wednesday)
E -Essential item? - toothbrush - need it after every meal (to clean my braces)
F -Favorite Color? - green (can green be a wedding motif?)
G -Gummy Bears or Worms? - neither
H -Hometown? - Panabo City
I -Indulgence? - food
J -June or July? - July
K -Kids ? - none yet (can I have twins? one boy, one girl)
L -Life is not complete w/o -God
M -Marriage date? - not set yet (haha)
N- Number of magazine subscriptions? none
O -Orange or apple?- orange
P -Phobias? - it's not a phobia but my greatest fear is losing a loved one (death, missing)
Q -Quotes? - Remember your Creator in the days of your youth
R -Reason to smile? - I am surrounded by the favor of the Lord always and forever
S-Season of choice?
-Summer (no choice) it's summer all year round!
T -Tag 5 people - Mykts, Nyl, Dessie, Siella, Mharms
U -Unknown fact about me-
cannot swim (now you know but not afraid of the sea)
V -Vegetable? - let me see... my mom says she liked eating egplants when she was conceiving me
W -Worst habit? - I cry when I'm angry
X -Xray or ultrasound? - ultrasound
Y -Your favorite foods? - desserts
Z -Zodiac sign - Virgo

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5 comment(s):

iceah said...

pwede ang green maging motif marami nakong nakita fav color ko din yan pero maroon ang naging wed motif namin c:

pchi said...

ah talaga? marron, di masyadong common yun ah!

di ko fave ang red pero gusto ko red. gusto naman niya yellow. ayaw niya ang green.

Tigis said...

we absolutely have something in common. I can't swim as well :D

btw, you are very loyal to someone you love Pchi :D

Marites said...

interesting post..btw, i'm done with the tag you gave and i got a tag for you in exchange. it's here

pchi said...


Oh no. You can't?
Too bad for us. Yes, indeed.. I am. :D
Hopefully I won't change


OK sis. will check it

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