Perfect gift giveaway for the holiday

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas is a season where we love receiving gifts - and of course giving them.

Despite the economic slowdown, financial crises and recession malls and shopping centers are still jam-packed with bustling people buying giveaways for their family members, friends and office co-workers.

I know the hustle of holiday rush so I started buying gifts as early as the first week of November. Some people start earlier but that was the time I began listing my godchildren especially and buying items one by one each visit to the store.

Even if I started early - I still find myself wanting to give more but lacking cash. Also, I don't have enough time to do my yearly tradition of making hand-made Christmas cards. I wanted to give personalized holiday gifts. Finding great deals where I can save a lot of money is also very important.

In this digital age - even young children ask for gadgets as gifts. In fact, my niece who's just one year old and three months had her own mini-laptop on her birthday. My sister obliged to buy her one even though she complained that it was very expensive, otherwise the baby will play with her or her husband's real laptops.

I wish I can giveaway laptops too! But They're so costly, I looked for a cheaper alternative and look at what I've found. What's more, they're on 20% discount!

Thumb drives and pens look very similar to each other. I think the customization is very great because that way, your flash disk or pen is very unique from others - especially if it bears your name. It wouldn't get stolen. Now that's a gift that would last.


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