Eight year old boy killed father after he smacked him for the thousandth time

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Surprised? I was.

The story appeared in one of the news sites I read everyday to keep abreast current events so I could have a topic to discuss with my students.

I was startled (make that disturbed) when I read about the story. How can an eight year old be able to kill his own father so violently (with a gun)?

Although the boy still remains innocent until proved guilty after trial, I have a proposition that the accusation is true.

I don't know who to blame if it is indeed true or if there's somebody responsible for it.

Is it the boy's father who spanked his son because he did not make his homework?
Is it the media - television shows and movies that present violent themes that make very young children aggressive?
Is it the gaming consoles that allow children to play with guns, shot their enemies and kill another character like it's just an ordinary thing to do?
Is it the boy's parents because they were not able to watch his behavior closely?

In the Christian religion, in was prophesied in the Bible that in the last days children will turn to kill they're parents, brother will fight against brother. The list goes on but I am too sleepy to check.

Maybe, indeed we are. We're on the last days and evil has gained a foothold even on our young ones.

I am alarmed. Are you?

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Berryblitz said...

As of my experience with my bad mouth (swearing, I'm good at it), I learned everything from my parents. Yes, I heard them from the TV. But I didn't follow the TV show. What's stuck on my mind is my parents shouting at me, saying those #$@%$##&$@ words (both tagalog and chinese bad words).

A little fault (it's not a fault, it's a little accident like I accidentally bumped on my glass of water and it fell down on the floor)... I get all of those $%$%#$% words.

So what did I do? As a little kid, I also tell them the f*ck word. I also swear them, infront of them. Yes, I have a dirty little mouth when I was a little kid, all because of my parents.

Maybe the 8 year old little guy saw his father cleaning the gun. Maybe his parents didn't told him to not play and not use the gun, as God don't want little kids to play with it.

I believe everything starts at home, not on TV, not on the environment. It's on how the parents would treat and handle their child in times of not-so-good situation, and in not-so-good environment.

=p just my opinion based on my experience.

liza said...

hi pchi! you may have gotten this already, but i'd still like to share it with you, http://mlizcochico.com/?p=1408


iceah said...

I agree with what Berry had to say c: Totoo na ang bata kahit sabihan mo na mali yan pero nakikita nya na ginagawa mo rin yun sa kanya or you are telling things and making things differently e di balewala talaga yung sinabi mo kasi yun ang nakikita nya. What you do is more louder sa kanya kya kasalanan din yan ng parents nya di ba?! c:

so sad :c

Pastilan said...

sa buong pagkabata ko mga 2 or 3 times lang ako napalo ng Papa ko although he was very strict. There was really no need for him to spank us because you'd feel his authority kaya di ka na gagawa ng kabulastugan. He was also always awya most of the years we were growing up, he worked abroad and for some years in Metro Manila while we stayed at Mindanao. But I grew up to be a rebellious boy and I disappointed my parents but was able to redeem my self before evrything was ruined.

This shooting incident did not really surprise me, the 8 year old boy did it because he was made to do it by his father. Most of those kids who end up becoming killers at a young age are mostly kids who are bullied. In this case the bully was his father. We all know about those shooting spree in schools that pop up in the news every once in a while. Di ba yung lumalabas na dahilan ng pamamaril ay dahil binu-bully yung namaril at nagipon lang sya ng galit bago magwala.

Tigis said...

I believe it's an obligation to any parents (father and mother) to educate their children based on moral/religion value. Violence must not take into account in that process. How come the father teach the boy about the violence by spanking him when he can do it in more persuasive way. I know that the education for your children must be done in a hard way especially in the world like this now. But pysical contact should be kept at minimum.

Lilly's Life said...

This was an horrific story really. I cannot imagien an 8 year old doing this as a deliberate act. Truly horrible. I do not know what is going on in the world today but it scares me when our children are now getting involved in horrendous acts of violence. I was just hoping the hcild pulled the trigger by mistake not deliberately knowng full well what he was doing.

Berryblitz said...

pastilan said "This shooting incident did not really surprise me, the 8 year old boy did it because he was made to do it by his father. Most of those kids who end up becoming killers at a young age are mostly kids who are bullied. In this case the bully was his father."

If you watch Discovery, then yung palabas about murderers... yung mga dangerous killers... almost all of them are built to kill by their parents. Bihira lang yung nabully sa school, and parang wala akong nakitang dahil sa environment.

Kaya nagtataka ako, bakit tinuturo na ang nakakaapekto raw sa bata is TV. Hindi totoo yan.

earthlingorgeous said...

OMG! This is so sad!

WOW! Your boy is so handsome! I thought at first he was a she but then I read your about you :)

By the way, I am celebrating my blog 1 year anniversary and I would like to invite you to join my giveaway. Details here. Hope to see you there! :)

pchi said...


I understand your point and I agree with you

The home environment shapes much of the child's behavior and consciousness more than outside factors

I am sorry to hear that you're parents seem to have problems controlling their tongue

maybe you're right

although we're not sure about the environment where the child grew up
maybe a big factor was their home

the boy did shoot his father intentionally

as in, he really promised to kill his father if he's spanked for the thousandth time

pchi said...


thanks, I got it!


yes, I think so too!
but you know, I still believe media has some influence as well

In fact, teenage pregnancy increased because of many movies with much sexual themes


This shooting incident did not really surprise me, the 8 year old boy did it because he was made to do it by his father.

Oh, really?

Maybe most of the cases are... but maybe not all the times

we also have to consider other factors

you know, eight is a very young age. I teach sunday school and I have students from 3-11. I always thought eight is an innocent age

isn't it too young to be a murderer?

and he knew he's going to juvenile detention... he really knew the consequence of his actions

meaning he knew fully well what will happen if he killed his father

he weighed it before he did it

he's a little amazing... haha

pchi said...


But pysical contact should be kept at minimum.

this is something I agree entirely

Minimum means you don't necessarily stop spanking them, but you spank them for the right reasons

not just because they're in a bad mood or because of a very little mistake (like Berry's example)

And they have they explain why they're being spanked - because they are loved and not because the parents just want to punish them for nothing


was just hoping the child pulled the trigger by mistake not deliberately knowing full well what he was doing.

I think he deliberately did it, Lily

it indeed is such a horrible act


Yes, you have a point

Pero as what I've said, I still believe that media has a big influence though it is greatly enforced especially if the parents don't give right parental guidance

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