Intriguing facts about some of the great geniuses startled me

Sunday, December 7, 2008

I didn't know Einstein was such a playboy and had many mistresses! I didn't imagine Marie and Pierre Curie were very poor. I've read from a blog that being a genius and overly intelligent sucks because it is a very boring life and great minds like Einstein are sex-starved.

Now what do you say if you learned that great minds are just like us - they have quirks and basically they're just humans with weaknesses. Richard Feynmann for example, was reported to frequent night clubs while solving equations. You can read more of these side issues on scientists on the article (link given above).

If I were given a chance to be born again would I want to be a genius? I think it really sounds cool. Many of my friends want to if they're given the opportunity. In my case, I am content with my level of intelligence now. I struggle to solve some of my programming problems - sometimes I have to ask for ideas from my friends. I don't know the answer for most questions in the world. In fact, I am very clueless on many things. But, this is good because I'll always have something to strive, I know my limitations and I think everybody has.

I personally know a person with very high IQ. Although his case does not represent every qenuis' situation - he has a problem communicating with people. He does not jive with ordinary people because he has a completely different set of interest.

Somehow, the article enlightened me however that geniuses are they are - they are just like us - like the people from our neighborhood. In the end, everything in life is fair. We are equal. There's a great person behind each of us.

Thank God for the diversity of each one.

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Andy said...

I got here 2 weeks ago from your twitter link! Today's post reminded me of an Einstein story I read - he had prepared large bowls of candy treats for Halloweening children in his home in Princeton but was upset when nobody came to his door. Some days later he learned that the neighborhood parents 'protected' him - "that's the house of the great Dr. Einstein. Don't disturb him!"

Nobe said...

as my husband says, God balances everything. :)


Nyl said...

kung naging genius ako, tatapatan ko negosyo ni bill gate!magpapayaman akoww!ahehe!;D

stella said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


chubskulit said...

hello pchi.... thanks for sharing this one...

i have an award for you!

Nanaybelen said...

hi pchi. musta na?

extra cebu pictures said...

Hi Ms,

Pwede date ta.
I mean link exchange tayo.

Tigis said...

I had a genius lecturer during my time in university. He's nice. He likes to play basketball with his students. I guess he's regular enough :)

btw, I had a question a long time ago. If i was reborn and must choose who do I want to be, the genius person who can earn millions of dollars by his brain or the very handsome guy who can earn millions of dollar by his face, I think I'll prefer the last one hehehe :)

Pastilan said...

Einstien was a playboy? But he was also sex starved? Hmnnnn... hindi nya nagagalaw yung mga girls nya kaya sex starved pa rin sya he he he

I know some really intelligent people and yes, they act somewhat weird and some of them verge on insanity. Have you seen the movie Beautiful mind? it's a true story of a Nobel Prize awardee ( his name escapes me) who was Schizophrenic. He survived college without being noticed that he was so sick in the head. But he was a genius too. You better look for the video and watch it. It is a must if you are interested in things like this.

faye said...

wowow what a genius blog here..hehe
daan lng mi pchi..

bingkee said...

Most geniuses are introverts, some are critical thinkers, some are very creative. But one thing is common among them---the process of their thinking deviates from the norm--often mistaken as psychologically disturbed or impaired. The methods of thinking they used are not the same as with people who have average IQ's. Because a high majority of the population have average IQ's , most geniuses are likely to be misinterpreted as "crazy" or "buang-buang". :-)

pchi said...

my gawd/ my response is very late

I am so sorry. I was indeed very busy

pchi said...


that's one of the sad part of being a genius

people don't want to disturb you because they think you don't think of fun like normal people do




nyahaha. genius pala si bill gates?

ako din cguro, magpapayaman din pero syempre share sa ibang tao din

pchi said...


oh, thanks
visited your blog too!


thanks for that award ate!


@nanay belen

I am doing well, thank you

pchi said...

@extra cebu princess

ok, sure

will add you later


haha! you had me on that one
it's hard to choose, can I have both
even if I am not genius enough

pchi said...


I meant to say, people had a notion that Einstein was sex-starved because he was very busy and focused with what he was doing

Yes, I've seen a Beautiful Mind and it's one of my favorite movies. His name is John Nash and he didn't fully recover from his schizophrenia


haha, thanks ate


A good point that you have raised sis

I think they're not necessarily buang2x (crazy) but it's just that they have a different level of thinking so most people would have difficulty relating to them

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