I'd like two pair of jeans, please!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Working daily on weekdays is very costly in terms of clothing. You surely don't want to look like you've only had five shirts by wearing the same shirts every week! - unless of course they're uniform. It isn't also very nice to wear the same pair of pants for the whole work week! Shoes can be used over and over but don't they need some rest too?

The nice thing about telecommuting is that you don't need to dress up. I've worked home-based for almost a year and it was very convenient. Now that I am working at an office I needed to update my wardrobe. Need I put a checklist?
  • blouses/shirts
  • slacks/shirt/pants/jeans
  • cardigans, boleros, blazers and jackets
  • socks, stockings
  • shoes/sandals, slippers, step-ins
  • belts, ribbons, hair clips, headbands
  • jewelry : rings, bracelets, wristwatches, necklace, pendants, anklets (I just like to wear bracelets)
  • other items
I don't have much time to shop though but I am very convinced I need two more pairs of pants because two of my favorites in my closets have expanded over time and they're lose now. I was fatter then - now I am very skinny (so much about little sleep) so I need to buy other set again. Sigh. Why does a woman's body change from time to time?

I learned something about pants. These informations are essential before buying new jeans (we don't a have a formal dress code at the office so it is such a relief I can wear casual pair of jeans). I always go for low-rise bootleg cuts and flares because they accentuate my body type.

Ever wonder what pair of jeans fit you exactly like you wanted? Take a look at the collections in an online shopping guide of jeans for women. I got the information I needed from it to discover what pairs are to be avoided and some other basic things that a buyer like you and me should know. We should know because a pair of jeans isn't a just a cent's worth - they're usually worth many dollars so let's get the value of our money to a maximum. Let's buy wisely!

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Rocky said...

done done :))check out this link http://www.bibiduck.com/2008/12/videogame-fans-favorite-links.html thansk pala :) merry christmas!

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