How a web host correlates to your web site's success

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Web hosting is a critical component in web site development and maintenance. A website is basically a means where an individual, company or organization disseminates information, presents its products and services and hopefully gain much profit from it.

When a website gets a downtime every now and then - the company or individual incurs great losses. This is very similar to a real world scenario. If the company, say a mall for instance, gets computer and technical glitches which disrupts the operation of the stores, the irritated customers will most like storm out of the building and find another company that's more reliable.

What are the issues when considering web hosting plans? The most basic questions relate to cost, security, reliability, CMS platform used. Most people go for cheap web hosting but sometimes there are negative trade offs. To be safe, it is better to apply on a web host with good credibility and has gained trust among its clients but not necessarily expensive.

If you are not sure where to go, there are sites that offer comparisons, reviews and ratings to all the web hosting services available in the Internet. One such example is I visited there because I am interested in buying my own domain name in the future and as preliminary step I have to choose which web hosting server to use.

I am familiar with Joomla so I searched for good providers - especially in Linux web hosting. I've heard that Digg and Wikipedia are hosted in Linux servers and these are successful websites. I am just not so sure if I can handle the technical side of administering a Linux hosted site.

Success of a web site largely depends on a good web host. It is a critical factor so we should choose wisely.

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