Online shopping gets me excited!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Internet has revolutionized everything - information, entertainment, social networking, communication, and of course shopping.

Since I started exploring the cyber world in 1998, I have already had my hands full on searching information in Google, reading news articles from websites, streaming videos and music files, uploaded pictures on popular photo and video hosting services, connected with friends through various social networking sites, sent personal messages, email and voice chat to my relatives and friends here and abroad, tried out some gaming consoles but I've never done shopping online yet.

Recently, I have received my VISA card and although I have not added it yet to PAYPAL because of the long holidays I am so excited about my first online shopping experience.

I hope I can afford the IPhone but even if I do, I think it's being too lavish. Anyway, I can still use my old phone, have a separate video/camera (my mom's), and have a broadband Internet connection at home. I don't like playing games anyway because I could spend that time doing other productive things. My MP4 (my sister's gift) has been busted almost a year ago and I am hoping/wishing somebody will give me IPOD 16GB Touch. You can imagine how frugal I am (*giggles*). I just want to put much value on money since we know that many people are living beyond poverty line while few others expend on luxurious items that they don't even need.

But you know sometimes when we really like something we tend to justify. For instance I am comvincing myself that owning an IPhone or even IPOD is very phenomenal - I can browse the Internet, watch movies which I love doing and most especially listen to more than 2000 songs anywhere I go.

Actually I am torn on whether I will buy or not. Do you think an IPOD is a luxury or a necessity?

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Rayna said...

Nice post..! The internet is one of the most powerful inventions of human beings. I love online shopping.

Dune said...

Maligayang pasko sa yo. Found you on mybloglog and added you on my contact, if you dont mind. BTW, nice post.


Hi! I have written my second letter. If you don't mind, you can have a look on it.

Thanks for the comments!

Louie said...

Yestrday my friend bought 16GB IPOD wow!! freakn touch!.. cost $930. (makapag patayo na tayo nang bahay nyan")i still love my 5610Di Nokia Xpress Music it's affordable este!! yon lng pala ang kaya '

Internet / Google - information highway, my helper and my teacher.

chubskulit said...

its a luxury in a mother's point of view hehehe..

ryliej said...

Necessity is a thing that you can't live without, therefore ipod is a luxury because you can live without it..

iceah said...

for me it's a luxury c: hehehe mahilig ka pla sa mga stuff we bought a new simple yet very needed video cam with digicam kelangan sa blogging din e c:

Free Printable Coupons said...

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pchi said...


that is so true!
internet is just a wonderful innovation. It's so hard to imagine life without Internet nowadays


thanks for coming here. Yes, I have added you. and I've checked your blogs too!


ok, sure

pchi said...


yep, it's mahal talaga
that's why I am thinking twice of buying it

anyway, I don't really need it much 'cause basically I just work and then stay home

very few transition time


thanks for that point of view ate


thanks for enlightening me
haha. i must have known that but I refused to acknowledge it

pchi said...


yes, but not much
I have very simple wants
but it's good to have them for convenience

@Free Printable Coupons

noted that, thanks

Hazel said...

Online shopping is popular mainly because of its speed and ease of use. Online shopping is not all about comfort. It also saves a huge amount of your hard earned money.

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