Saturday, May 9, 2009

Looking at the mailboxes on sale at, reminded me of that time in my life when I exchanged letters with my friends thru what we now call "snail mail".

The postman would shout, "hey pretty, you have letters!" and I would just laugh and say "Thank you, please put them on our mailbox".

That was more than ten years ago.

Currently, I have email addresses where I receive about 20 to 50 messages daily, including the unwanted spams.

I have very few letters these days. I have some bills (telephone, DSL, electricity), bank statements, etc. which do not count as letters anyway. Yet, there's always excitement when I flip open our residential mailbox and I see a letter addressed to me written with a familiar handwriting.

Along with the letters were stickers, scented stationeries, hand-made cards, perfumed enveloped - sealed with kisses. I just miss those times. It's different now because of email and text messaging - but I still love sending and receiving those old-fashioned letters.

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iceah said...

Happy Mother's day sa mama mo c:

momgen said...

Happy mothers day.....TC

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