Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I promised never to rant or say negative things on this blog. I couldn't help it now. I am really annoyed.

In the Philippines, our presidential election will be on May of next year. Politicians have started their gimmicks and propagandas. I just smirk in disdain when I see advertisements of hopeful presidents or whatever position they are planning to run. I don't say anything at all - I don't want to ruin my mood and thus, I avoid giving rude remarks.

Locally however, there are so many road reconstructions on major highways and these cause delay and traffic.

I traveled almost everyday last year and I didn't realize the roads needed to be repaired - they appeared OK to me. They've never caused accidents or congestions.

The current politicians tend to show off their projects when the election is coming up, like right now. If would have been better if they cemented rough roads in other areas, those which badly needed repair. People wouldn't be able to see these "projects" so they have to destroy the highway and rebuild. Reconstructions on major roads and national highways would be more visible to the voting public, increasing their chances of winning.

I am so tired of the same things these politicians are doing. I couldn't help but complain. Sigh.

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siyetehan said...

for politicians, projects mean money. lots and lots of money.

doon kasi sila nakakakuha ng kickback.

sad to say.

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