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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Although it is a known fact that we cannot believe on everything that we read over the Internet, I still use Google to find reviews, user comments, awards, ratings, drawbacks and possible problems of an item or service that I plan to purchase.

A few months ago, I thought of buying a mobile phone because of its superior camera feature - optical zoom and 5 megapixel resolution. Many techies hailed its performance even in low light, however, as I started reading forums and user feedbacks, I realized that it's hard to use and navigate and invoking the superior functionality would take ages before you could unearth them.

Since then, I make it a rule to plan, research and compare; and repeat this process until I am certain with the product or service. It's not advisable to trust your instincts or go with your guts and do impulse buying. It's also not enough to just listen to your friend's recommendation. You should ask another person's opinion - or many others for that matter.

When looking for a dedicated server hosting for your website, get your hands dirty and do your assignment - research, compare, read user feedbacks. Your web host will be crucial to your web site's success and there are issues that you have to consider, such as: security, cost, storage, technical support, etc.

Read guides and check ratings from a web hosting reviews blog, then choose, decide and purchase. Remember that mistakes can be avoided if you pay more attention.

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