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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I'll be on my own for a week. I'll be guarding our house and our house will be my fortress too.

My parents will be on vacation starting today and will be back exactly one week later. My father is concerned about the security of the house but he's more concerned of my security.

We don't have any defenses except for a gate and locks that keep unauthorized people from entering. How I wish we have a home security system!

If we have an ADT-monitored home, we can have early defense mechanisms for possible threats like burglary or God-forbid - massacre.

I have requested my girl friend to keep me company at night while both my parents are away. But still, I have to cook on my own, do all the house chores on my own. This will be my first taste of "independence".

Well, I am quite anxious about my protection and safety but I know that God is my shepherd and even though we don't have that security system yet, I am secure that God will keep me guarded.

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Julie@Momspective said...

At least there's blogging and friends on Twitter to help keep you company too lol!

alf said...

i miss that peace and quite sometimes. but, take care while you are home alone.

Badong said...

before, whenever i was left at home, i cannot help it but imagine that someone will kill me in my sleep. haha! weird. take care!

Joops said...

Take care Ms. Pchi!

Joops said...

Thanks for the greetings Pchi!

pchi said...

@thanks Mom Julie

yep, there are friends in Twitter and blogosphere to keep me company - I just can't find time to update my blog because I've been busy with household chores.



yep. It is very quiet right now. I am actually loving it.

pchi said...



had that feeling though - when I was a kid

thanks :)


thanks, yes I will!

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