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Sunday, November 2, 2008

While looking for possible articles that my Japanese students and I can discuss, I've come across a gadget that helps block unwanted calls especially from telemarketers and voice phishers.

I've never really applied for a call center job that would make me do outbound calls to customers. Myself included, most people find it annoying. It's the same thing with email spammers, they just waste your time. We try to be nice to them (of course) - because they're just making a living. But what if you consistently receive prank calls or threats especially in the dead of the night? You might have to address this problem head on and seek help to the authorities, install the gadget that would eliminate cold callers or find out who the culprit is by doing a harassing caller report to The site is really helpful... at least they can track who are your enemies; that way, you have a better chance of winning against them.

Photo credit: Yahoo Tech Blog

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Nanaybelen said...

maganda ito sa akin kasi, pldt land line -ko dito bumabagsak ang mga tawag para sa mandaluyong fire department

thanks sa advise mo, yan nga rin ang tinatry kung ginagawa para sa eye strain ko.

sabi naman sa optical- hwag daw akong mag-computer

AngelMist said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. There's not much in there just a personal one to update my family and friends back home.
I've been to Davao, what a beautiful place! Taga-Negros man ko :) but it's a really nice feeling to meet someone from pinas. Unsang ward man ka? You said you are teaching primary too? That's great! I love my kids in primary. Let's hear each others' updates. I would love to learn from you. Ingatz.

pchi said...

@nanay belen

haha. kakainis talaga yang mga tawag na yan... natawa ako (hehe)

sabi din ng doctor ko, day off daw sa PC


ah talaga? taga Negros... hope I can visit there as well

what do you mean ward?

Yes... sure! we'll update each other

joe comp said...

hello there.i have add your blog in my blogroll with name Pchi Opinions Pinoy.please feel free to visit and check it in my blog.thank you

Gem said...

Sure. Pero di natin problem and telemarketers sa pinas.. hehehe.

I think a gadget for the cellphone is most useful. I receive unwanted text messages and scams.

WHITEShadow said...

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you're tagged.

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