Keeping fit even at home, how I wish!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sitting at the desk or computer table for hours, lazying in the couch while watching TV for a long time, and eating lots of food without exercise can increase our chance of hypertension, heart attacks and other diseases as we get older. Modern lifestyle affords us to more leisures - portable games like PSP/XBox/Nintendo DS, browsing the Internet, watching movies etc. Sedentary lifestyle is doing us more harm than good really. We don't have to move often, we can have everything on our finger tips, we don't even have to go to the nearest food shop because they offer delivery services. What else do I have to list?

Exercise is really important so I make it a point to walk at least five kilometers a week. Really simple, right? No, not really. I can work at home. There's an accessible transportation when I buy groceries or do errands for my family. It's hard to keep motivated especially when you don't have someone to walk with. My boyfriend and I do stroll and walk five kilometers a week or more if we have free time together; but we don't very often. I have to decide in my mind that I really need to walk even if I am alone and slowly, I will increase my pace and cover more distance.

I am not trying to lose weight. I am quite underweight as of now and I need to gain two more kilos. But exercise is not really about looking sexy, it's about keeping fit. I wish I could buy weight training equipments so I can exercise at home. Should I?

Actually, I am really considering buying one - not just for me but for my parents as well. So I researched and found a guide for buying gym quality treadmills. But, it is unrealistically too expensive for me. Well, who knows I might be able to afford one next year.

Way to go!

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RJ said...

Reminder again! Huhmn... but i am not worried, kahit palagi akong nasa harap ng computer, kapag sa work, naku, sobra pa sa walking ang ginagawa namin.

12 sheds itong chicken farm, 120m ang haba, dalawang beses dadaanan daily pag nagchi-check ng health at namumulot ng dead birds. Pero sabi nga ng farm manager ko, iba raw ang work sa ehersisyo. Ganun ba 'yon?

Sige na nga, dahil spring naman ngayon, mag walking na rin ako hanggang autumn. Yayain ko na rin si Mgr para lumiit ang tiyan nya.

Miss ko na talaga ang Davao (kahit walang sunset)! Nung nasa Luzon pa ako nagwo-work, sa Davao palagi ang baba ko pag magbakasyon. Nandyan din kasi bestfriend ko.

Naakyat ko na rin ang Mt. Apo last OCt 1998. Beautiful and lovely!

iceah said...

wow, tama ka napanood mo yun Wall-E meron din doon about making your body fit c:

tama yan kami ni Josh naglalakad lang papunta market and playground c: kahit papunta sa School ng dad nya c: si Pasti naglalakad din kung pauwi na sya walking is good for the heart din c:

Cecile said...

thanks for reminding us especially me :-), will try to do more exercise with hubby at ymca :-)

pchi said...


whoa! I think that's exercise enough for me... I could imagine you (haha)

yeah, the only problem is:

belly will get smaller but thighs and calves will get bigger


pchi said...


I've seen Wall-e but I didn't notice that part

so true, walking is one of the bes forms of exercise

pchi said...


oh, great! I think we really need to... it's a reminder to me as well

thanks for coming here cecile

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