Beauty is how you see the true person behind the face

Sunday, November 30, 2008

People put too much value on face and beauty. It's no wonder beauty products and cosmetic surgeries are always a good business. People just can't get enough. They want to be whiter, prettier, sexier, flawlessly scar free as the list goes on.

In pursuit for that perfect beauty we sometimes find ourselves on worse situations. The complications may not be as serious the the woman who injected cooking oil into her face but sometimes too much vanity can lead to nothing. We're an insatiable beings and we always seek for more and more.

I use to have a face like a baby's when I was younger - until I turned 21. I suddenly got pimples and on rare occasions acne breakouts. I didn't know it was so embarrassing to meet people even friends if you have some imperfections on your face. When I do, they always mention and that they wondered what happened to my flawless countenance.

I actually don't know. Doctors say it's mainly influenced by hormonal fluctuations. Some people are inherently less prone to pimples and acne breakouts. I thought I was lucky but I wasn't. Although I only had one pimple after another - my problem was each one left a scar and my face started accumulating blemishes.

So product after another I tried what my friends recommended me, which made things worse. I've had allergies to some and sensitivities to the others. I tried creams, facial scrubs, gentle exfoliation but they were too harsh on my skin. I think they've torn the protective layer of my face.

Now, I smile when I watch at TV commercials - how they promise to whiten your skin, or remove the dark spots and revitalize your pores - whatever they call it. Most products don't and will actually cause irritations on your skin. Some are even harmful. Now that the scars have healed naturally (took almost two years), I don't gamble easily. I don't put products on my face directly without trying it on my arms or neck. My beauty regimen now is simple - germicidal soap, a cream moisturizer and loose powder.

As for people with acne complex, I think it's largely hereditary and hormonal too. Since our technology is so superior now, various treatments have been developed - that specially cleans deep down. Although I am not sure, I've heard that Acne Complex® worked for so many people especially those with murad acne.

Sometimes, beauty is just superficial. Our measure of beauty largely depends on how we see ourselves. Start looking at yourself in a positive light - and start a transformation. Believe that you are beautiful, and indeed you are! You're unique and special and God loves you just as you are.

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bingkee said...

Hi PChi, how are u ? Hope ur doing fine. anyway, I have something for you at my site. Come check it out.

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gee! yes, I am

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Maus said...

hi pchi!
i agree for the title...100%

Anonymous said...

parehas tayo ng paid post. ACNE

Nanaybelen said...

nice post. Inner Beauty is the best

Cidy said...

Hi Pchi! Bilib ako sa energy level mo ha... =) TC!

pchi said...


haha. yay! thanks for that

@medical nursing

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@nanay belen

thank you for agreeing with me

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haha. uu nga. minsan nga naiisip ko din yun. hehe

thankful lang ako kay God hindi naman ako nagkakasakit

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