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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Credit cards are handy, cash dispensing little small plastic cards that allow you to buy now, pay later. But which credit card company gives the most secure, most convenient, low interest rates with perks, gift certificates and other benefits? CompareCards is an website with tools by which users can compare different cards according to quality, category, brand, issuer, popularity, etc. It also provides information on user ratings about a particular credit card provider.

I use to think that credit crds are not good. I think it is not really. Money is not evil either. It depends on how man uses it. Man's greediness makes money or credit cards evil. If we wisely spend our money and not just splurge on anything we want to - we can benefit a lot from a good credit line provider like CitiBank.

Whether it is money or credit, let's make use most of our money. If you are looking for a good financial institution to aplly a credit line with, begin by researching different credit cards in the market.

4 comment(s):

Anonymous said...

from my point of view, paying in cash is still makes u less prone to financial stress, and it humbles know, live within your means. :)

husain said...

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pchi said...

@kewl momma

I agree with you. you know your limit better with cash

it still depends on how you handle cash though. some people still overspend with their cash

pchi said...


i noted that husain, thanks for the visit

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