How do you face your problem if your problem is your face?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Have you heard or read about the story of the woman who injected cooking oil into her own face?

Left: Woman after so many plastic surgeries and injecting cooking oil into her face
Right: After surgery to reduce her swollen face and remove the foreign materials

This woman was so hooked to cosmetic surgery that her face had changed grotesquely with too many foreign substances added to it. She wasn't really ugly (See picture below). I think she just wanted to see how she will look like when she had some parts altered. The problem was that she got addicted and wasn't able to see that the plastic surgeries were making it worse than better. Her face turned uglier and the damage was irreversible. Now she regretted and hopes she could have her original face back. I thought about Michael Jackson when I read the story. More information here.

The woman's picture before plastic surgery

I've heard that in Korea (from a Korean student), it is common for people to have plastic surgery. Most actresses have had something altered on their face or body. This might be just a rumor or a hasty generalization. It sounded like people have better chances of finding a job or looking for a partner if they're more beautiful or good looking than everybody else. Maybe it has become a part of the culture and if you haven't been operated, it would appear that you're not "in". Teenagers especially are pressured to have designed and better bodies and so they augment their bust sizes, change the eye shapes, etc.

Who doesn't want to be flawlessly beautiful?

I think that cosmetic surgery is a really helpful technology especially for re-constructive purposes like to repair congenital defects or damages after an accident or fire. But people have been using it to change their bodies to make them more suitable to their taste. I am not against people who have undergone or will be taking these procedures. It is a personal choice and of course everybody has freedom. On the other hand, it might appear rude to our parents that we try to change our physical features - these could only mean we are not satisfied with the genes we have inherited from them.

There's a going trend now of women wanting to have labiaplasty - an operation to change the way the vagina looks. Some people contest on the moral and ethical issues of this procedure but let's not go into the details of that yet.

What I am trying to say is, let's be warned, cosmetic surgery might be addicting! Women who take surgery from time to time maybe suffering from a deeper problem - lack of self esteem. I hope we don't put much value on outward appearance so that people won't be so pressured to look unrealistically beautiful.

What do you think about plastic surgery?

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Disclaimer: I am sleepy while doing this article so if you find inconsistencies or errors kindly let me know so I can edit. Thanks!

25 comment(s):

Maus said...

kawawa naman sya!!!
sayang ng mukha nya..

RJ said...

Kahit hindi ko masyadong gusto ang ilong ko, wala talaga akong planong pabago 'to. hahah! (,"o

Ruthi said...

she is just one of the many people who had bad incidents or effects. dito rin ang daming ganyang mga cases pinapakita sa TV... psychological na rin ang case nila according to some doctors. buti na lang maganda tayo at di na kelangan ng retoke... hahahahaha.

sad to hear about your new job. pero kung di naman worth it ok lang un. ako nga hanggang ngayon wala pa ring work. good thing may driver's license na ako at puede ng maghanap problem naman recession dito sa US. pano ba yan pag mamalasin ka talaga. let's just hope for the best. paid post na lang ulit tayo... kahit papano eh kumikita naman tayo diba?

by the way, pavote na sa akin sa Filipino Blog Awards... ung ruthigavargregoire... for sa puso at isip na blog ko ung tagalog. thanks. tc.

Gem said...

OMG! She looks better before the surgery.

Surgery can do wonders though, but there are some people who got unlucky with it, and yes, as you had said the damage is irreversible.

Pastilan said...

Yes, nakita ko na ito sya na feature sa isang blog ng koreano. Kawawa sya, she's sick in the head. tsk, tsk, tsk

Arlene said...

this is really scary. if this is true then this is a horrible thing to do to one's self. :)

dropped EC here. :)

Berryblitz said...

grabe yung nangyari sa kanya

yung actress yung si booba ba yun, addict ren sya pagkaalam ko

stilettoed praline said...

OMG! She looks scary. I really feel for her. Well, I'm not against plastic surgery that even I have thought of augmenting my boobies and having rhinoplasty but, the fear of my hubby divorcing me should I succumb to my vain wishes keeps me away from going under the scalpel. At the end of the day, it still boils down to self-esteem. And yes, it's reversible and you need maintenance once you've started it.

bingkee said...

The problem with most of us is we never seem to be satisfied with what we have. We always find imperfections among ourselves ---and focus on our troubles when we don't realize that the problems of others are much worse than our own.

Sara said...

I think she was beautiful before. What a shame!

chubskulit said...

Holy CrAp, that's why we should be contented of what God has given us..

joops said...

This is a lesson to those who are planning to have their face changed....

iceah said...

dapat kasi learn to love yourself and be thankful of what the Lord has given you c:

superboi said...


khaye said...

She's prettier before the surgery. I just hope she never had it.

pchi said...


yeah, I feel for her. I think she really has a psychological problem

naks. hindi naman kailangan


buti na lang maganda tayo at di na kelangan ng retoke... hahahahaha.

yay! maswerte tayo. yeah, I think people who aren't ugly (no major physical defect) are just fortunate. but we shouldn't take pride about it

pchi said...


OMG! She looks better before the surgery.

much, much better in my opinion. I think the disparity is big.

maybe the first few operations on her yielded good results but since she had many, i think those made things worse


ah, I see. yep, I think she really is

pchi said...


yes, I think so too! so horrible, like she really isn't in the right frame of mind


I've heard about Ethel Booba and Kitkat. Yes, I think they are. I think having cosmetic surgery is bound to be addictive. Once you try, you'll always want more

pchi said...

@stilettoed praline

it's reversible and you need maintenance once you've started it.

oh, yeah. thanks for that. maintenance. I think that's even more expensive


The problem with most of us is we never seem to be satisfied with what we have. We always find imperfections among ourselves

well said.

pchi said...


I think so too!
now, look at her face... :(


aw, nice reaction! hehe


agree! we should accept whatever we have. although technology is really helpful... for example to restore cleft palate defects, etc

pchi said...


Yes. although It is really painful to be taunted on if we don't look good, isn't it? that's why people try to improve their looks

but for vanity's sake, I think your point is right


ay, talaga! kakasurprise


that's what she wishes now too! but not anymore... what's done is done... so she'll have to learn to love her new glamorized look

sweetytots said...

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Tigis said...

I'm really surprised to read this post. And also to see the pics. It's too bad. That's what will happen if people don't respect what God has given them. In my religion we're not allowed to perform beauty transplantation (except for accident victims etc). Totally againts it.

Tigis said...

btw, I read on the 1st comment Maus said "sayang ng mukha nya". Does it mean "too bad about her face"? Because that's what it means (more or less) in Indonesian. Sayang means darling or too bad, muka means face. Just a guess :D

pchi said...


yes, close

face = mukha
sayang = too bad, what a waste

I think Indonesian, Malay and Filipino are similar in many ways

yes, I understand why your religion prohibits it :(

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