Sealed with a Kiss

Sunday, November 1, 2009

If you haven't experienced being far from the people you love, you're lucky. The separation can be overwhelmingly painful! Thanks to modern technology, we can talk to our loved ones wherever they are at real-time through the internet and cellular phones.

There's still magic however with the old-fashioned letters delivered to our residential mail boxes and seeing the envelops of our letters sealed with a kiss.

I don't get letters often these days. I get letters from banks, the university where I am currently enrolled at (distance learning program), and utility bills; but I always hold my breath in excitement every time I see a stationery envelope from the mail box with my name on it.

Email messaging may be the common form of communication today but I think we still like the feeling of opening our mail boxes at night and seeing a letter addressed to our names, especially when the letter is sealed with a kiss.

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chubskulit said...

I agree with you peachy!

Thank you so much for casting your vote which led to Rylie's Victorious Smile.

CebuImage said...

kala ko pinagpalit mo na ako sa iba..

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