Making our marriage work before it starts

Thursday, November 19, 2009

My boyfriend and I are reading this book by Harold Sala entitled, "Connecting: 52 guidelines for making your marriage work".

We are learning many things from this book except that we are not married yet. I bought it from the bookstore because he said we should start preparing ourselves and making things right even before we start and exchange "I do's '".

I have finished reading this book and rereading it now with my boyfriend through Skype's voice call one guideline a night. It's like a couple's devotional and bonding time for both of us and English lesson for him rolled into one.

So far, we're on the 37th page and we've learned what the author says are key ingredients in marriage: love, communication, forgiveness, humor, understanding and meeting each other's needs. We've also discovered ways on how to resolve the differences: talking about them, compromise, respect, and submit them to God.

We're going to have more of these lessons in the coming days.

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Cecile said...

i agree, Chie; for a marriage to survive it needs constant compromise, respect, communication and most of all God must be part of your life!

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