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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I want my brain sharpened again! I decided to go back to school!

So far, I think that my decision is great. I guess I am going to be a lot more productive than the previous months. Getting more tasks and deadlines in my hands requires me to multitask and to do things more quickly - which in turn makes me more efficient.

Working during the day and working at night, where do I put the time to study? Well, this will be a challenge for me. I've decided to enroll under the Professional Teachers Certification program at the University of the Philippines Open University. It's actually a kind of cyber schooling or distance learning, whatever you like to call it.

I am so excited to learn new things. I couldn't decide which masters program to take so maybe I can take just education units for the meantime.

What's great about cyber school is that I don't have to attend school physically (well, except for examinations and some tutorial sessions). What I don't like about it is that I have to study many reading materials that are given as substitute to lectures and classroom instructions.

Well, I am sure that everything will turn out well if I pour my heart into it. Wish me luck.

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Pastilan said...

Okay ang UPOU, nag masteral pud kog Development Communication diha, that was in 2002. They give you all the books and CDs and then there is a chat room online for every subject. Then you see your classmates live during exams he he he, at least yung sa Mindanao area na mga classmates. I remember one subject na elective, "Coastal Anthropoloy" pagpunta ko for exam ako lang ang dumating he he he ako lang pala ang student nun sa buong Mindanao, walang ibang kumuha, and I was told na meron akong isang classmate pero taga Luzon so sa UPLB sya nag exam.

BeyondFeron said...

Hello Pchi... Good luck and I believed that you can do it! More Power and Blessings!:=)

pchi said...


hahaha, it doesn't surprise me. It sounds like a unique subject to me.

In my case, I guess I have more than twenty classmates in each of my course


thanks! I will! :)

ruthi said...

Congratulations. Good decision girl. I almost gotten into UPOU too when I was still teaching. And just like you, I was wondering if I will ever have the time to do it. Aside from that I was also thinking of working on my lovelife.... which is my major priority then. So decision... decision... decision... I opted for the later. Now I am married and thinking... did I make the right decision? LOL

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