I want to give my parents a dream vacation

Monday, November 23, 2009

I've been bugging my parents to get a passport because airplane fares have been significantly lowered recently and they can avail cheap international flights at almost any moment they want to.

Retirement is every person's ultimate dream - the type where one can enjoy life to the fullest and just spend his days to enjoy what the world can offer.

I would have wanted them to go cruising from island to island and just enjoy old age. Well, apart from being too expensive, both of my parents have to see their doctors and buy their medication regularly so it wouldn't be very convenient to be away for a long time.

I asked my mother and she said having myrtle beach accommodation is leisure enough for her. She got excited. My father likes to go anywhere as long as they are together (talk about being in love even in old age!).

I'd have to save money for such trip and stay to myrtle beach hotel. I know it doesn't come cheap but after all, myrtle beach accommodations are worth the cost.

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Senior Debutante said...

My heart always melts at mere mention of one's love for family, especially for parents. How nice of you to share your blessings with your parents. I like it here.

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