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Friday, November 20, 2009

Have you ever used Google's translation toolbar? I find it very useful because I can always get quick and free translations of web pages, documents and other web content from Spanish to English for example, Chinese to English or mostly Japanese to English.

I find it funny most of the time though. The English language has idioms, informal expressions and figurative parts of speech that would create confusion when translated directly. I guess other languages have also similar attributes. There is a significant difference too, with connotative and denotative meaning so although we could get some rough idea of the text, there are elements that are omitted or misunderstood.

If we are talking about formal and business documents, I guess there should be a need for an online translation to get the job done more efficiently.

If for example, a company is going to expand in another country a brand translation that fits in a socio-cultural context within which it occurs would be best.

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