It's 32 days before Christmas!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Streets are now decorated with teeming lights, Santa Claus is everywhere in town, houses and offices are decorated with pine-tree replicas and finally shops are getting busier with shoppers buying their gifts early - it's Christmas!

Christmas season always makes me happy. I always had break from school or work. There are many parties to attend and people to reunite with. There's feasting everywhere and the Spirit of Christmas makes people smile even to strangers.

This Christmas is going to be a little different. My boyfriends not in it. It's not going to be sad nevertheless. We celebrate Christmas because God came to the world to save me - now that's reason enough to be glad!

Let's countdown to Christmas!

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jam said...

Hi Pchi, just droppin by. Nevertheless just think of it as just a passe, christmas celebrations here in the country are quite colorful that's sure to make you forget your problems. Cheers to that!

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