Trading money for a time with God

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Money-driven. I am. Yes. Aren't we all?

We joke around and talk like it's so easy to make money. My colleagues have set a new salary quota for the month of July. I won't tell you how much we are earning - but it's probably much more than most average wage earners in the Philippines. And yet, they still want more. I still want more. So, here we are, working day in and day out just to earn a little more.

Aside from that, I also try to squeeze in some time to learn how to make more money as freelance writer, blogger, translator, programmer.

It's crazy and funny. I am not really that ambitious at all. I never dreamed of becoming rich, I don't want to be. But there are various opportunities to grab, so why not take them all?

I am so glad that God is continuously showering me with these blessings (opportunities). But sometimes, making money can take so much of our time. If it's work and getting more wealth are what we think of all the time, we rarely have time to talk and thank God for everything. I believe that God has continued to prosper me because I've always been faithful in giving what is due to Him financially. I give my tithes (ten percent of the salary) to my local church. I still do. But there are times, I don't have time to pray, get late in going to church, or skip on my other obligations in our church's ministry. I recently felt guilty.

I guess, there's more to life than just making money. I'm trading what I can earn to a time I can spend to my God who I believe is the source of all these blessings.

Set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth.

Colossians 3:2

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