Meaningless existence

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What you are seeing is the surface
But you don't have any idea what is it deep down
It's just a shallow, meaningless existence

People come and go
We make friendships superficially
I don't know what's wrong with me
I've been thinking lately
Am I living a shallow, meaningless existence?

No, you don't know me that well
It would take you forever to unveil
My masks and defenses
I would never let them show
But, do I even know myself?
Or am I just faking it?
Is it a shallow, meaningless existence?

On the contrary
Who I am does not really matter, does it?
I must understand my purpose, mustn't I?
God created me
I am sure he must have something in mind
I should do that which he willed of me
Or I'll just be living a shallow, meaningless existence.

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Pastilan said...

When I was your age (that was years and years ago) I had these same questions and more. Here's a poem I've written during those times of uncertainty.

On Being

The mind is a driftwood
Riding the will of a dark mysterious sea.
It is the verse written in luminous ink
On a dark sheet
That is the only page of the only book
That is hidden in a secret corner
In the labyrinth of God's heart.
It is also the endless yarn
Used by Him to knit the intricate pattern
of universe's story.

And if by looking at the stars sprinkled
like sugar on the face of the night
I may taste the meaning of existence,
I'll fold time like a handkerchief
And let it sleep in my pocket
so it won't interfere
While I lick heaven's cheeks
with my gaze.

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