Things I want to do

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

1. Have a short vacation with friends in a beautiful island.

2. Learn how to design a website - the savvy way

3. Read my grammar book again.

4. Leave comments in my friends' blogs

5. Improve diction, accent and pronunciation.

6. Cook for my mother's birthday

7. Be with my boyfriend

8. Clean the whole house

9. Read the books I bought

10. Watch a movie

11. Tell someone about God

12. Edit this blog's layout

13. Bring my father to the doctor for a check-up

14. Buy a microwave oven

15. Learn how to bake

16. Apply for foreign scholarships

17. Meet my relatives in Manila

18. Have a conference call with my sisters over Skype

19. Get a full body massage

20. Sleep

Good night everyone!

7 comment(s):

iceah said...

wow! dami nito c: gawin mona habang wla pang family of your own c:

by the way drop by my new baby blog
here's the link c:

eternally said...

I want to do them all too =)

Pastilan said...

Dami mo namang gustong gawin he he he parang ako.

I have the answer to number 2, I have just downloaded the DVD Total Training™ for Website Design: Extreme Website Makeover

The problem is, I don't have time to watch it as of now, it's more than 10 hours of lesson I think.

as to number 3, I don't really care about grammar, he he he

for number 4, same here, I want to leave comments but I can't with my schedule now.

number 5, I don't really care about diction and everything that goes with it, but I like women who have good diction, accent, and pronounciation (that's why I married my wife)

As to cooking for my mom, that was what I did for many years, when I was single, I was the official cook in our house.

dami, naubosan na ako space... dami nga nating gusto gawin...that's a good sign, it means we're normal.

bingkee said...

Wow so many things to do....hope you will do it soon....:-)

missgiftsphilippines said...

i love the things you would love to do. especially the no. 3. i would love to bring my father to a doctor. i know that his health is not that good. since my father seems to spend all his day in a week smoking and drinking alcohol. which is very bad to his health. i missed my father so much. the last time i see him is February of this year. and its been 6 months already.

Berryblitz said...

i love ur list. ako ren hehe

pchi said...


yes, gotta do everything while I am still single


sure! haha :p


wow! so , you can cook! great!
wanna have that tutorial! do you have the link?

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