I want a lightweight laptop!

Monday, July 27, 2009

The desktop PC that I have at home worked fine for many years although I frequented at the technician's shop in the past two years. I reformatted countless times, replaced my monitor more than four times, upgraded my hardware specifications and I'm still glad to use it.

But, many times it fails... It reboots by itself, or it does not boot at all. I am considering on buying a laptop and have the money to pay for it (or half of it if it's quite expensive).

I can't decide by now, which one I will buy. I have been researching online and looking at shops in my city and I still couldn't finalize which one.

I want a lightweight laptop. A laptop which is less that 2 kg.

I've been thinking of netbooks.

But I want a netbook with DVD drive, DVD writer if possible. Most netbooks don't have DVD rom.

I want a long battery life but most laptops/netbooks only have 6-cell ion battery which means they can be used for up to 3-4 hours.

Macbooks have very long battery life but are too expensive for me. I have other things for which I am saving for.

I don't want a very small screen but I also don't want a very big one. It wouldn't fit in my lady bag if ever. I'm considering on having one with roughly 12-13 inches diagonal screen.

The list goes on but all the others are negotiable, like the memory, hard disk, video card, wifi/bluetooth, among others.

I've compared many laptops, printed out catalogs from online stores and checked the models available locally (I don't like Ebay, it's hard to ensure the warranty) but I am still undecided.

Do you have any idea which laptop/netbook I should get?

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