I'm lazy so I won't eat so often anymore

Saturday, July 11, 2009

I visit my dentist every four weeks because I'm currently undergoing orthodontic treatment to correct my bite. Every time, the dentist would assess my overall teeth, gum, mouth's health condition and change the elastics that are placed to help my teeth move in their desired positions.

Brushing one's teeth with braces is really a hassle and it takes so much time. First, I have to brush with the special orthodontic brush, then with another ortho-brush with special tip, floss and rinse with anti-bacterial mouth wash.

I'd get so lazy that I would just brush my teeth and rinse. On my last visit however, he advised me to have one of my pre-molars filled because of cavity. I can't count how much money I've spent on restorations already and I think it's probably better to prevent than cure.

I like to snack very frequently as in I eat almost every two hours when I'm not working. I'm not worried on my weight yet 'cause I'm one kilo less than the ideal weight for my height. But I guess, I have to quit snacking so often because plague build up when I don't brush immediately and it's quite troublesome to brush every now and then.

But right now I am so hungry. I could not help it. Let's see what's in my fridge.

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